UEFA Women's Champions League

The predicted outcome happened in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final on Thursday night. The current best team and also defending champions were crowned the winners, while Tyreso played with heart, even with all their current financial problems.

Nevertheless, this fact didn’t take all the shine off this final match, which had a lot of moments of brilliance and surprise. It was the kind of match that if you blinked or went to the bathroom you were suffering a serious risk of missing a goal!

In the first half, Tyreso dominated the middle of the pitch and their attack was led by Press, Vero and Marta. In addition, Soberg, Seger and Klingemberg were also very consistent and important players for Tyreso’s success in the opening 45 minutes. On the other hand, Diaz, unlike what she had been playing in the last matches looked like a tiny girl near to the German wall.

Tyreso was on fire during the first half and everything was indicating an easy win for them, furthermore following the blood and tears of Lena Goessling, a key player of the Wolfsburg team. However, we ought not to underestimate the German ability to rebuild itself in times of adversity…

In the second half, Wolfsburg players came back to the field with another posture, more aggressive and taking advantage of the weakness of the Swedish defence to quickly level up the score.

Marta being Marta gave some relief to her team-mates by scoring an unbelievable goal. For all the people that say she is past it, the legend seems to want to prove why she is rated as the best player in the world for so many times, with a couple of class goals during the match.

How all good things must come to an end, Tyreso’s dream to be crowned champions was over, because on the other side, Wolfsburg not only had fantastic players as Goessling, Muller, Popp, Wensing and last but not least important Nadine Keßler, but also a winning team which earned a 4:3 score in their favour.

As a fan of Marta, I must admit my selfish preference was for Tyreso to be the winners. Surprisingly, at the end of the match, I wasn’t sad with Tyreso’s fail, but I accepted the result and I applauded Wolfsburg’s campaign, because teams like Lyon, Thorns and especially Wolfsburg represent what women’s soccer teams should aim to be.

Furthermore, I could not disagree with the outcome after enjoying the stunning entertainment which both teams provided to women’s soccer fans due to sweat, blood and tears of fantastic players!

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