Kristin Hammarström Kopparberg / Göteborg FC 
Hedvig Lindahl Kristianstad DFF 

Sara Larsson KIF Örebro DFF 
Lina Nilsson LdB FC Malmö 
Charlotte Rohlin Linköpings FC 
Linda Sembrant Kopparberg / Göteborg FC 
Annica Svensson Tyresö FF 
Sara Thunebro FFC Frankfurt 

Lisa Dahlkvist Kopparberg / Göteborg FC 
Nilla Fischer LdB FC Malmö 
Antonia Göransson FFC Turbine Potsdam 
Sofia Jakobsson FC Rossiyanka 
Caroline Seger LdB FC Malmö 
Therese sea border LdB FC Malmö 

Madelaine Edlund Tyresö FF 
Jessica Landström FFC Frankfurt
Lotta Schelin Olympique Lyonnais 
Josefine Öqvist Tyresö FF 


The match is the first for Thomas Dennerby’s team after the World Cup bronze medal last summer and the squad he has picked to face Germany is almost identical to the World Cup squad.


  1. jonathan gardner 10 years ago

    ???? Grommit – you said ”  But yes, Sermanni should have to do without players like Mitts, Buehler, Rampone, Boxx, Wambach, Le Peilbet, Lloyd or Solo.”


    I know we have discussed at length in other threads that you don’t appreciate the style that the USA plays. But are you honestly saying that if you were coach of the USWNT that you would dump Wambach and Solo today??  I think that can only be a desire for a fan of the French team, but not a fan of the USA team.  Solo has proven to be the best goalkeeper in the world repeatedly. In the last year with a terrible back 4 in front of her. So what benefit to the “USA” team would it be to drop her?  Of course the same can be said for Wambach with 23 goals so far this year. Second in scoring in the Olympics 2012, Second in scoring in Women’s World Cup 2011 (tied with Marta who had less games played). She is still getting it done.


    The rest of the people you list, sure better might be found, but those 2, make me laugh.


  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    lol @Sebastian 😀

  3. Sebastian Kanty 11 years ago

    @WSU true….see it now…but i looked at the site a couple of days ago, and her name wasn’t their…could have been an honest mistake of the editor though….


    my dreams of a glorious sweden victory is somewhat smaller now…@WSU – you just had to point that out, didn’t you   😀

  4. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Thanks Håkon, of course they would have played in the Euro Qualifiers lol oops!


    Great info thanks Sebastian 🙂 On that link you posted it says Bajramaj is playing in Midfield.

    Will add Germany squad to WSU. 


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