There were no major changes in the first squad, what current players.
Why, Hedvig Lindahl, who has been Dennerbys first goalie is not in the squad is because she’s ligament damage. Now, an evaluation of the players who have been more or less living in the team to be evaluated during the match. One thing will be changed to the match and it’s gaming system. They will go away from the criticized 1-4-2-3-1. Has not worked for Sweden in the championships. It was 4-4-2 that gave a bronze in the World Cup 2011 in Germany. This is the system they will go back to where the players also feel comfortable.

Sweden’s squad


12 Kristin Hammarstrom 820329 Kopparbergs /
Göteborg FC
21 Sofia Lundgren 820920 Linköping FC
1 Carola Söberg 820729 Tyresö FF


18 Emma Berglund 881,219 Umeå IK FF
7 Sara Larsson 790513 KIF Örebro DFF
2 Malin Leve City 880913 LdB FC Malmö
13 Lina Nilsson 870617 LdB FC Malmö
3 Stina Segerstrom 820617 Kopparbergs /
Göteborg FC
4 Annica Svensson 830303 Tyresö FF
6 Sara Thunebro 790426 FFC Frankfurt

Midfield and Attacker   

14 Johanna Almgren 840322 Kopparbergs /
Göteborg FC
9 Kosovare Asllani 890729 Paris Saint-Germain FC
17 Lisa Dahlkvist 870,206 Tyresö FF
5 Nilla Fischer 840802 Linköping FC
11 Antonia Goransson 900916 FFC Turbine Potsdam
20 Marie Hammarstrom 82,329 KIF Örebro DFF
10 Sofia Jakobsson 900423 FC Rossiyanka
23 Emmelie Konradsson 890,409 Umeå IK FF
15 Caroline Seger 850319 Tyresö FF
22 Jessica Landstrom 841212 Djurgården IF DFF
19 Susanne Moberg 860213 Kristianstad DFF
24 Elin Rubensson 930,511 LdB FC Malmö
8 Lotta Schelin 840227 Olympique Lyonnais

  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    90+1′ Germany 4-2 Japan (Laudehr scores from the penalty spot!)

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you John

  3. Author
    John Ternai 9 years ago

    Its Malin Levenstad not Malin Levencity.

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