Each year a football gala held her in Sweden, where the winners in various categories are chosen and crowned.
. Monday 12 November is the time for football’s traditional season finale, Football Awards. This year gala will take place at the Ericsson Globe and broadcast live on TV4. This year, the following female players nominated

This year Goalkeeper

     Gudbjörg Gunnarsdóttir, Djurgården IF DFF
     Kristin Hammarstrom, Kopparberg / Göteborg FC
     Thora Helgadóttir, LdB FC Malmö
     Hedvig Lindahl, Kristianstad DFF

This year Defender

     Emma Berglund, Umeå IK
     Line Röddik Hansen, Tyresö FF
     Linda Sembrant, Tyresö FF
     Sara Thunebro, 1.FFC Frankfurt

This year Midfielder

     Anita Asante, Kopparberg / Göteborg FC
     Verónica Boquete, Tyresö FF
     Caroline Seger, Tyresö FF
     Marta Vieira da Silva, Tyresö FF

This year Forward

     Ramona Bachmann LdB FC Malmö
     Anja Mittag, LdB FC Malmö
     Christen Press, Kopparberg / Göteborg FC
     Lotta Schelin, Olympique Lyonnais

This year Damallsvenska players

     Ramona Bachmann LdB FC Malmö
     Verónica Boquete, Tyresö FF
     Anja Mittag, LdB FC Malmö
     Marta Vieira da Silva, Tyresö FF

This year Breakthrough

     Amanda Ilestedt, LdB FC Malmö
     Lina Hurtig, Umeå IK
     Jennie Nordin, AIK
     Elin Rubensson, LdB FC Malmö

This year Trainer

     Elisabet Gunnarsdóttir, Kristianstad DFF
     Peter Moberg, LdB FC Malmö
     Thomas Mårtensson and Ulf Palmquist, Vittsjö GIK
     Torbjörn Nilsson, Kopparberg / Göteborg FC

This year’s goalie, I think stands between Hedvig Lindahl Kristianstad and Thora Helgadottir FC Malmö. Do unfortunately Hedvig Lindahl will get the price. Not that I think Hedvig Lindahl is Damallsvenskans best goalie, but to Thomas Dennerby sit on the jury. He has favoured the players something huge in the national team. There has been a contender for Goalkeeper item in the national team. But he has been at Hedvig constantly without seeing that there are clear risks with her.
This year Defender to be sure Emma Berglund Umeå. I think it is questionable nominations, Not on Emma, ​​but the other.
This year midfielder will be unfortunately Marta. Will she  ?, is there anything you can put in question. Think that they confuses Marta with Marta, who played with the Umeå. She was exceptionally good at the time. Time has caught up with Marta.
Asante and Seger have nothing on the list to do, I think.
This year Forward probably Lotta Schelin.
Newcomer of the Year. Can only really see Elin Rubensson FC Malmö. With strong konkurance by Amanda Ilestedt same club.

This year’s players are more or less finished. Anja Mittag has already been named the most valuable player in  Damallsvenskan. It could not be any other player.Otherwise it is not consistent.



  1. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    Although it’s not a rule, almost all friendlies use between 4-6 player changes. Doesn’t matter if it is an experiment or just to rest some players. In recent years, I haven’t seen a friendly that don’t use at least 4 subs.

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    This was posted today by Maja about what she thinks about possible winners, sorry about the swedish language:


    Her predictions are very similar, as is Johan Rydén’s (http://btfotbollsvm.wordpress.com/)

  3. Author
    John Ternai 9 years ago

    I can highly agree with you @ Sebastian K. But some comments, I must come up with. Unfortunately, I think Hedvig Lindahl wins goalie price. undeserved, she has a supporter in Thomas Dennerby sitting in the jury. But I think those who absolutely should have won this prize is either Helgadottir or Hammarström. The defense, Sembrant say Sebastian, well, I do not know if I agree with that. Malmö has a Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir in midfield, which I do not have on the list. She has pondus and tremendous eye for the game and never folds down in any fight. I put her well ahead of both C Seger and Anita Asante.
    Then I lack a player like Kosovare Asllani, on the list.
    Trains price I have nothing to add at Sebastian’s thoughts.

  4. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    Goalkeeper: Between Hammarström and Helgadóttir. Both have been extremely stable through the entire season. I agree that Lindahl shouldn’t have made the cut, makes too many mistakes in important games.

    Defender: My bet is Line Röddik. She is fast, extremely good with the ball, and an offensive defender with nice passing skills. Berglund would have been my second choice, but I can’t ignore the fact that Umeå’s defense sometimes leaks too much. In the national team, Berglund has been a very good addition. Thunebro was very good at the olympics, but other than that she hasn’t showed that much in Frankfurt, partly because she is more often than not on the bench. Sembrant shouldn’t be on the list. Tyresö has so many defenders, that she has often been on the bench and or injured. In the national team she has been stable, but not exceptional.

    Midfielder: I would have too say either Marta or Vero. Both have added another dimension too the Tyresö game, and without these two, Tyresö wouldn’t have been at the number two position in the league. I disagree with John that Asante shouldn’t have made the cut. She is extremely good at holding the ball and quickly dispatch it too the best positioned player. Has been chosen as MVP on several occasions at Göteborg’s home pitch. Seger has shown too little in both the national team as in Tyresö. Hasn’t shined in that many games too be considered a contender.

    Forward: I would name either Mittag or Schelin. Mittag has had an extremely good season, especially before the Olympics, and largely because of that they are the no 1 in the league. Schelin has been very good at Lyon, with the treble, League, Cup and WCL wins, but haven’t been that great in the national team. Press, a very good forward, and the reason why Göteborg are the number 4 in Sweden at the moment. Although she hasn’t been as great as Anja Mittag. Bachman has started too produce in Malmö, but has had a few games without notable accomplishes in the league.

    Damallsvenskan Player: Must pick Mittag again. What she has done on the pitch for Malmö is why they are the number 1 team at the moment. Tyresö have more depth in the squad, hence they shine at different times. Marta and Vero hasn’t shown us as much as Mittag. Bachmann’s first games after her pre-season injury might have taken her out the race for this award.

    Breakthrough: I agree that Rubensson should win this award. She might not have the best of games sometimes, but which youngster have. Also agree that Ilestedt is a number two choice. I must say that I haven’t seen that much of the others too have an oppinion. They have been too absent from the play, from these two teams in the games that I have seen.

    Trainer: I would put my money on the duo from Vittsjö. A newcomer of Vittsjö’s calibre is hard too find. Although they haven’t had a great autumn as they had in the spring-summer, they still produce good games. They only other contender would be Malmö’s coach.

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