Switzerland – Nationalliga A

Grasshopper 0 – 4 Zurich

Goals From:

Bettina Baer 4’ (Zurich)


Fabienne Humm 56’ (Zurich)



Barla Deplazes 84’ (Zurich)


Ramona Lendenmann 90’ (Zurich)


Staad 1 – 0 Schwyz

Goals From:

Egzona Selimi 90’ (Staad)


Kriens 3 – 0 Young Boys

Goals From:

Nadja Hegglin 31’ (Kriens)


Lara Keller 35’ (Kriens)


Scilla Grossi 76’ (Kriens)


Basel 3 – 1 Yverdon

Goals From:

Audrey Wuichet 23’ (Yverdon)


Stefanie De Além da Eira 29’ 48’ (Basel)


Jehona Mehmeti 67’ (Basel)



Grasshopper 2 – 2 St. Gallen

Goals From:

Sandra Genovesi 12’ 19’ (St. Gallen)


Evelyn Zimmermann 21’ 78’ (Grasshopper)


Zürich 8 – 0 Schlieren

Goals From:

Fabienne Humm 16’ 38’ 58’ (Zürich)


Barbara Beutler 45’ 63’ (Zürich)


Ramona Lendenmann 72’ (Zürich)


Selina Zumbühl 74’ (Zürich)



Eigentor (Lea De Boer) 82’ (Zürich)


  1. John Ternai 9 years ago

    Some new thoughts on the new American League. There may be some players who leave Damallsvenskan. Mainly U.S. players.
    Christen Press Gothenburg has not negotiated clear with Gothenburg on a new contract. She has probably a lot to think about now that the new American League is under-way. She was up to date for the U.S. national team this year and could be one of those U.S. Association want to take home for league games. Others who can disappear from Damallsvenskan is Vittsjös Danecha Adams and Kendall Fletcher. Both contracts  loose right now.
    Another that may disappear is Tyresös Meghan Klingenberg as the association is interested enough to take home. Megan is now also contract loose. A European player who has a dream to play in the new league is dutch player Manon Melis who had contracts with Sky Blue before the league was disbanded. Will probably be current for the club again. Although she’s contractual loose, right now.

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