It’s day four in Germany and after a short but smooth flight from London Gatwick airport to Wolfzburg Germany, we have arrived safely with no hiccups, lost bags or dilemma’s of over weight carriers, the latter of which I expected the usual suspects to have packed a complete assortment of household goods, that they claim they cannot live without! 😉


So far it has been an easy transition into what i will describe as a classy hotel. The staff here have been very welcoming and hospitable since our arrival. The decor is amazing and the rooms modern and enough space that roomie’s can be ignored if they become too much! ha The bed’s however, have to get a special mention here because not only do they send most of us into a deep and comfortable phase of sleep, they have adorned the nickname ‘The Cloud’! Why? Well only a goal keeper…Browny would associate the bed and sleeping experience to a fluffy cloud! ha


So, i bet your wondering what we get up to in our free time when we are not on the training field? Well, just to paint a picture our days are actually pretty jam packed, with training, eating, ice and pool recovery, meetings and more meetings, so when the opportunity arrises to chillax, usually after 8pm, many players including myself at times will head to the players lounge and play table tennis, if we can stand the playful but obnoxious squealing lungs of the one Fara Williams after every one of her shots. Alternatively, some of us will play Card games or Jenga (Squealing re-occurs here also with with the same culprit!) which invariably kills time if played correctly and with some finesse. However, if you want an enduring game do not invite Dunia Susi! haha


Otherwise, many conversations will be taking place in front of the TV, with one Geordie lady taking centre stage…’Jill Scott’, entertaining the rest with well, just being herself. I suggest you don’t try to get a word in edgeways because you won’t get one…and well she’s far more entertaining than watching the TV anyway…or so she thinks! (Just kidding JIll! lol).


Oh, you want to know the purpose of this preliminary stage of this trip? Well, primarily we are here in Germany ahead of the tournament to prepare by playing friendly games. The training facilities and hotel impressed our Coaches so much on their initial visit it was deemed more than conducive for our needs, so we decided to set up early here instead of elsewhere. So far we have played North Korea and although the result was not as we would have hoped it will help us fine tune areas of weakness and reinforce our areas of strength going into the competition. Tomorrow we play our last friendly game against Australia, who will no doubt be a tough prospect for us and one we have not had a great deal of experience playing against. However, this fixture will provide us with the perfect opportunity to work on things we did not do execute so well in our last friendly as well as provide additional match practice.


This tournament is set to be the biggest i have or ever will have the chance to play in, having said that no words can really explain or describe my excitement, anxiety, happiness and range of emotions that my body appears to feel respectively or simultaneously. One thing  i do know for sure is, like all my team mates i am aware of all the support and positive messages that surround us long before and since this whole process began leading into this tournament, and appreciate the work that each individual player and staff have put in to help us get here!


The countdown begins……. 

  1. Asa 10 years ago

    @Gromit yes there is a stream it is from Germany ZDF 

  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Anita Asante’s second blog is online now 🙂 – “Quiz Night”

  3. vanjory 11 years ago

    Great entry and definitely thank you for sharing some partial insights on England’s WNT trip in Germany so far!

  4. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Thank you Anita for a very entertaining read! I agree with Tash it’s a great insight and really feels like we are enjoying the journey with you! Have a brilliant World Cup tournament!

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