The energy of Russia
Off-season. Correct choice of transfers is determined by several parameters. This transition and the relevance of soccer players from one club to another, as well as its volume is expected and, of course, bolelschitsky interest.
At the moment, the leader in the transfer policy is the Voronezh “Energy”. Judge for yourself. Leadership team has already made a number of point gains. Invited goalie Veronika Shulga, which is not yet fully manifested itself, but the team Saenko it would be a good incentive to progress. Anna Astapenko, Olesya machine, Oksana Shmachkova strengthen the protective and the central axis of the club. Managed to keep the composition and Adrian Parente from Brazil, which is great acting in defense. Plus it can even be used as a central striker. Versatile player. Pekur Potter, who moved to Perm ‘Star’, it seems, is not so serious. Especially that “Energy is negotiating directly with 7! players in midfield and attack.

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Confirmation for the French team tonight against the Nadeshiko :

    GK : Sarah Bouhaddi (Lyon, 52 capes)

    DF : Corine Franco (Lyon, 63 capes, 10 goals), Ophélie Meilleroux (Montpellier, 61 capes), Wendie Renard (Lyon, 22 capes, 3 goals), Sonia Bompastor (Lyon, 149 capes, 19 goals).

    MF : Camille Abily (Lyon, 97 capes, 23 goals), Louisa Necib (Lyon, 79 capes, 16 goals), Elise Bussaglia (Lyon, 101 capes, 20 goals).

    FW : Elodie Thomis (Lyon, 72 capes, 23 goals), Marie-Laure Delie (Montpellier, 40 capes, 35 goals), Gaëtane Thiney (Juvisy, 70 capes, 31 goals).

    Please, take note that Wendie Renard will be 22 years old tomorrow. A victory as a birthday present ?

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