My alarm goes off….I look at the clock and try and close my eyes again…but then I remember the alarm was for a reason….

I must be crazy…4.10am on a Sunday morning…Temp outside about 11 degrees Celsius…note to self next time leave the heater on low before you go to bed….My husband still fast asleep beside me…Now the decision do I wake him or should I wait to see if the feed is online….mmmm that’s a hard one…so I let him sleep a bit longer….

Grab my phone and have a look at the latest tweets and Facebook messages… Usually I have a few, but last night I put a message on my daughters wall to wish her good luck for her game before I went to sleep….Pretty sure one of my statuses has never had that many likes on it before….Felt good, means people are interested in women’s soccer here in Adelaide.

So I head to the lounge room (thats where our computer is) and grabbed the really warm blanket after turning the heater on full bore.. Turn on Facebook and then turned on Twitter. Found the link for Twitter that Shawn and his team have set up for Game days (kc_shock_live if anyone wants to follow it).

There was a feed and I did get my hubby up and sent it to everyone but as with all technology it is a fickle thing and unfortunately it did not last but I did get to see my daughter play some of her first game of the Season for Kansas City Shock…and Im sure she will be able to bring copies of it home with her on a usb or something…

So without the feed and knowing some of my friends who were up already, I started putting up what was happening in the game on Facebook as some of my friends dont have twitter…They were so thankful that they could still follow the game thru me  and thankfully the Twitter feed was full of plays and easy to follow. I woke up the next morning with countless notifications for all of my Facebook statuses so everyone was updated when they woke up…..

The game itself ended up being fantastic for the girls….2 goals scored, one by Ashley Maxwell and the other by my daughter Racheal Quigley. Racheal had to come off just after her goal as she got a real bad corky and she still has a game tomorrow Adelaide time.. (I think its today already over in Kansas, gets a bit confusing)..And of course the win..First one of many!!

At this point I would like to shout out to Shawn and his staff members to let them know they have all done an awesome job so far. Its so important for teams like this to exist to be able to give opportunity for the women out there who love this awesome game and let them experience different aspects of the game that they normally wouldn’t get if they stayed playing in their own country….

  1. Women's Soccer United 7 years ago

    Lovely article @Beverley – A great start for Kansas City Shock and I am pleased your daughter scored on her debut 🙂

  2. Asa 7 years ago

    @Beverley glad the early morning was worth it 🙂

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