Reach a wider audience of football, both the stands and the field continues to work towards reducing gender disparities Football Federation of Turkey is of special importance for the Women’s Football. Director of Football Development League education and outreach efforts conducted by the Women’s football as a result of important developments took place as soon as possible. Although not considered a short woman with a history of our country, football began to increase awareness in recent years. At this point the Turkey Football Federation, women’s football clubs, as well as its support for the training of trainers in the field, conducting numerous studies on the development of athletes. .




Our Aims

“Football is not a man’s game” concept by placing the girls play soccer and to encourage public support of all.

Women’s football is to increase awareness.

Media and communication technologies to benefit

Women’s football coaches to give women grow

Create a pool of club player’s infrastructures

To give the national team players and to ensure success in the international arena.




Women’s Soccer Official Competition Organizations

1-Women’s Div 1

Completed without interruption since 2006 as the league champion team representing our country in the European Women’s Champions League. Women who fail at the end of the season according to the rules specified in Statute 2 teams Decreases League.

2-Women’s League 2

Senior regional organization of the lowest level in the category Women’s Leagues. Women who are successful teams at the end of the season according to the rules specified in statute 1 League increases. This is the next season in the league to a lower league teams that have failed again for the Women’s 2nd League can take place.

3 – Young Girls Championship

Formed a base for women’s football is one of the most important organizations in our country. Held by the participation of girls 15-16 year’s category.

4 – U15 League

Acquainted at an early age for girls and 13-14 year old girls participated in football

Championship organization.



Categories of National Team


Women’s National Team

Founded in 1995 Women’s National Team, World Cup and European Championship qualifiers qualifiers is struggling.


U-19 Women’s National Team

U19 Women’s National Team was established in 2001, participates in the European Championship qualifiers.


U-17 Women’s National Team

Founded in 2006 U17 Women’s National Team participates in the European Championship qualifiers.


U-15 Girls National Team

Established in 2009 U-15 Women’s National Team participating in the Youth Olympic Games and various special tournaments. This category is made official match. U15 Women’s National Team is the upper age groups, fund-raising function.



Ataşehir Belediyespor 2011/12 League Winners

Turkish Women’s League Teams


Group A

Ataşehir Belediyespor 
Kdz. Ereğlispor 
Gazi Ünv. Kizilcahamam 
İzmit Belediyespor 
Fomget Gençlik 
Mersin Camspor 

Group B
Lüleburgaz 39 
Konak Belediyespor 
Trabzon Idmanocagi 
Adana İdmanyurduspor 
Antalyaspor AŞ


The Turkish Women’s Football League consists of 12 teams, this season saw Ataşehir Belediyespor take the title and go into the UEFA Women’s Champion’s League Group Stages in Bosnia, along with FK Gintra Universitetas from Lithuania,FC Zürich from Switzerland and ŽNK Pomurje Beltinci from Slovenia



  1. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago


    I think Wambach in US national team takes very similar position with Sawa in Nadeshiko Japan. Yes, even a legend retires eventually, but presence of such player brings more benefits than mere preformance in game. Anyway, Abby was elected global MVP only 4 months ago.

    I rather have players like Leroux and Press in mind as Bev’s competitor. It looks to me they are selected over Bev simply because their play is better known in America. (And for this reason, I hope NWSL will send its winner to IWCC in November. Americans will find they have been missing a great asset for their NT. If, for example, Portland comes then we can compare Sinclair, Morgan and Goebel-Yanez side by side.)

  2. gromit 9 years ago

    Ok, that’s definitely a dialogue of the deaf.

    When I talk Football and Sports, you talk mathematics, again and again. Football is not mathematics. But you’re a real mathematics lover obviously and you think that truth is hidden in numbers. I don’t think that World’s, Life’s and Football’s explanations are so simple. Certainly not.

    We haven’t, we don’t and we won’t progress in our dialogue, Lars. It’s not very interesting. I know now it’s impossible to keep on talking. So, I won’t come and counter-argue with you on the subject because I have another idea of what a dialogue is. Not a repetition of the same all things again and again. Too bad because we obviously want the same thing at the end (or almost). But we must face the truth : real dialogue is impossible between us about this problem. You have too much certainties for me. I only have opinions and don’t work with slogans, sorry.

  3. gromit 9 years ago

    Thank you for teaching me the meaning of the word “solidarity“, Lars, I didn’t have the slightest idea ;o)

    More seriously, I totally agree that Women’s football will develop only if ladies go, play and watch it. Of course. And I don’t want to be surrounded by men when watching a women’s match, I prefer girls around me ;o)

    What I am contesting is the – only – reason you invoke. This “solidarity” thing. You talked about it many times and already told us about middle, upper and working classes difference. But you never explained “WHY” women who are not interested in football “SHOULD” feel an urge for solidarity for Women’s football.

    Again, again, again : yes to women’s solidarity if it’s a question of Women’s rights. Solidarity is needed amongst Iranian women because their sisters are forbidden to go and watch men’s football games for instance. In some countries the practice of football is forbidden for women. It’s a question of rights and freedom and you don’t need to like football to express solidarity. Be a woman or a man, actually. It’s no longer a question of sports.

    But why, for which reasons, women should stand together, in Sweden or France for instance, just to help a sport they don’t care and that all woman can freely practise, even if in bad conditions ? I asked you the question several times, you never answered. I wish  to see women in masses at ladies’s football matches as much as you and managing teams and clubs, I’d love to see girls enjoying football because women’s football is enjoyable.

    I’m not contesting the need for women’s players to be supported by as many women as possible. I just want to hear a precise reason why women should feel “obliged” to stand together for football. Only because they are women ? Is that what you say to your Swedish ladies fellows : “You must go to Women’s football matches !” and if they tell you “Why ? I don’t like football !“, you’ll only reply “It’s a question of solidarity and that is all !. Is there your only argument to give them ? And make them feel guilty because they are middle-class ?

    Please, dear Viking, give us something else to convince the ladies to go and watch their sisters playing. Because an ethical position repeated in a loop won’t be, I’m afraid, enough.

  4. gromit 9 years ago

    When the crowd in London stadium roars with delight at the vision of Jessica Innis’s face, it’s because she is British and because she is GB’s champion mainly. And because it’s Olympics. Do you think that a small pentathlon meeting in region at an other moment of the year would attract many women amongst others ?

    The problem you already rose several times of “wome’s solidarityn” with Ladies’ Football is certainly generous but – sorry to be harsh – useless to my eyes. If you want women in the stadiums, make them love Football first. I’ll never go and watch a sport that bore me to death, just by “solidarity” towards men. Why should I ? Women are the same. They don’t want to go and get bored. Show them that Women’s football is not boring but, on the contrary, very exciting and things could change. How to show them ?

    First by interesting them right from the start or at least to give them the opportunity to get interested. By practising football at school when young kids. Even if they will never play it again, they will know that “Hey, it’s not only a sport for men, after all...” 

    Second, if they are already too old to be at school, by coupling women’s matches with an other event that will be known for interesting women (it will vary according to countries, culture, etc). I’m talking here about amateur level. But it is from this level and not another one that roots can grow out and give future professional flowers.

    The best way to send women away is to feel them guilty for  “lack of solidarity”. You can call women’s solidarity in some specific places where Football practice is strictly forbidden because the problem is political and about women’s freedom. But where Women’s football is legal – even with all its obtructions built by men mainly – you have to find other arguments, imho.
    But in any case the first thing must be : Education, education, education !

    About the use of money, of course it must be especially given to women’s section and must not to be confiscated. FIFA must be  much more careful and sanctions delivered to the Federations who don’t fulfill their obligations. But FIFA being itself deeply corrupted, what can we expect from it ? Can’t wait for Blatter leaving. Hope Platini takes the position. I’m sure he would help Women’s football very much.

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