The producer of one of the best-selling video franchises of all time FIFA, says “if not this year, women’s soccer will be in video games soon”.


Fans of the women’s game have been making requests for female characters to feature in the very popular video games and it seems that they are getting closer to making this a reality.


There are concerns that the feature will be as a kind of add on to the original game, but fans want to see a series dedicated fully to women’s soccer, even if it is just at an international level.


Could FIFA and EA Sports include female stars in their next video game release and can you see yourselves taking the role of Alex Morgan and the USWNT or taking a free-kick as Miyama for Nadeshiko Japan and winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup?




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  1. Patrick Madine 8 years ago

    Tell EA Sports to include female characters on their soccer games.

    Remember, the petition is HERE

  2. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Half-time: France 2-0 Finland (Delie 33′, Thiney 37′)

  3. A-Hamm 9 years ago

    Yes please! Even if its an add on it would be good. (For 2012 FIFA they had a download add-on for Euro 2012) Having 2015 WWC in the 2014 WC game would be getting more for the $$$ rather than separate games each. 

    I can’t believe they haven’t included the national women’s teams with the more well-known players in regular FIFA games yet.  They could do the top 15 or 20 teams. (USA, France, Japan, Canada, China, Germany, England, Australia, etc.) I’d assume it would be the national teams, and just the best/most well known ones. 

  4. Brian McGuire 9 years ago

    Football games try strive for realism rather than perfection. In fact if they don’t build in flaws they get very dull (for example if every pass is pixel perfect and every shot perfect games end up 10-10). The only concern abut games is the extent to which they offer some kids an easier option rather than getting out and actually playing the game, and yet, i still feel players with talent and drive (the ones who are better bet to ‘make it’) are gonna prefer the real thing. The fact that many Premier League footballers play FIFa and Pro Evo means the two are not really mutually exclusive. 

    But that’s football games…as for the rest…dunno. Don’t like them very much.

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