Alex Morgan’s debut book from ‘The Kicks’ series will be launched next week! wrote that the author developed the idea for The Kicks with James Frey, founder of intellectual property company Full Fathom Five, whose soccer-playing daughter is a fan of Morgan. “I know that there are not many books or series, if any, that teach girls the importance of team sports at a young age,” Morgan says. “When I was first approached by James Frey about the idea, I was immediately interested.”

To write Saving the Team and devise the story arc for the series, Morgan drew on her own experiences as well as those of her friends. “It was easy for me to turn to my teammates for real-life experiences to help shape the story,” she says. “Everyone was open about her experiences as a girl and young teenager. We were all raised differently, and our outlook on life may differ greatly, but we all have one thing in common: our love for the game of soccer.”


Alex Morgan’s book release date is May 7th, 2013 and is aimed at readers aged 8 and up.


Here is the description from Amazon: 

From star soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan comes the first book in an empowering, fun-filled middle grade series about believing in yourself and working as a team.

Twelve-year-old Devin loves to play soccer. If she hadn’t just left Connecticut to move across the country, she would have been named seventh-grade captain on her school soccer team.

But now that Devin is starting seventh grade in Kentville, California, all bets are off. After all, some of the best players on the US national team come from California. She’s sure to have stiff competition. Or so she thinks.

When Devin shows up for tryouts, she discovers that the Kentville Kangaroos—otherwise known as the Kicks—are an absolute mess. Their coach couldn’t care less whether the girls win or lose. And Devin is easily one of the most talented players.

The good news is, Devin quickly makes friends with funny, outgoing Jessi; shy but sweet Zoe; and klutzy Emma. Can Devin and her newfound friends pull together and save the team from itself?


You can pre-order and buy Alex Morgan’s book online here


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  1. Anonymous 8 years ago

    This is when we’ll truly see if the FA actually thinks women’s football is worth anything. Sadly, being pessimistic, I still don’t think they value it as much as they should and need too.

  2. gromit 8 years ago

    So… On The Kicks’ cover, Alex Morgan, aka Devin (never knew this name existed in Usa, actually, A “Devin” in French is a soothsayer 😉 is obviously #13. Since it was her real number at the Olympics, I had a look to the roster at that time in order to guess who are supposed to be her three friends…

    #12 would be Lauren Cheney (I thought more about Rapinoe).

    #17 would be Tobin Heath

    And #14 is of course Abby Wambach ;o)))

  3. Mia Mon 8 years ago

    i think Sawa looked pretty recognizable enough 🙂 better caricature than the American kiddle counterpart above, heh.

  4. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    Good point, @Gromit, and my conjecture is that Americans are easily recognizable because it is necessary. Japanese fans know Sasaki, Kawasumi and Sawa too well to be fooled even by outrageous change (probably for cosmetic reason.)

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