The latest FIFA / Coca Cola Women’s World Rankings were announced on Friday March 16th, with the USA holding top spot from Germany

The only movement in the top ten is England lose eighth place which goes to North Korea, while USA lead at the top is cut back to just 3 points over Germany.

Scotland move up one spot to 21, swapping positions with Mexico, Republic of Ireland move down to 31, Wales move up to 45, and Northern Ireland are 55.

Cameroon has moved up 9 places to 52nd, Equatorial Guniea moved down to 66th.


The top 20 positions as of March 16th 2012:

Ranking / Team / Points

1 USA 2166

2 Germany 2163

3 Japan 2114

4 Brazil 2093

5 Sweden 2057

6 France 2020

7 Canada 1971

8 North Korea 1970

9 England 1965

10 Australia 1956

11 Italy 1936

12 Denmark 1913

12 Norway 1899

14 Netherlands 1889

15 Iceland 1851

16 South Korea 1843

17 Spain 1842

18 China 1828

19 Russia 1820

20 Finland 1795


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  1. Deborah Bakker 9 years ago

    I’m going too!!!

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago
    FIFA Women’s World Ranking – Key Criteria 

    • Result of the Match
    • Home vs away, or neutral ground
    • Importance of the match
    • Difference in WWR between the teams

    Basics of the Ranking method

    The basic formula of the WWR is in fact quite simple:

    WWR,new = WWR,old + ( Actual – Predicted )

    The result of a team’s match is converted into a value: “Actual”. Via some formulae, the difference in rating points (strength) results in a “Predicted” value.

    Should the “Actual” value be better, then the new WWR will be higher than the old one. This is fair, as the team will have delivered more than was expected. The underachiever loses the same amount of rating points as their opponents have won; their “Predicted” result is greater than their “Actual” result, i.e. they have not done as well as expected. A conclusion that can be drawn for this basic rule is that the rating points which a team earns for a win is dependent on the strength of the opponent. A win over an extremely weak team scarcely improves their standing in the WWR, while a win over a stronger team is awarded with a clear increase of the WWR value.

    Actual Result of the Match

    The actual match result is expressed in the “Actual Match Percentage”, A. 
    Of course winning or losing is the most important criterion, but goal difference and goals scored are also taken into account.

    Neutral ground or Home vs. Away

    To correct the value for a home advantage, the rating points of the Home team are enhanced by a value “H”. A glance at the historical results shows that teams perform better at home than away; the home teams keep 66% of the points, while the opponents return home with 34%. To neutralise this effect, a correction is made by enhancing the rating of the home team by a value of 100 points (corresponding to 64%).

    Importance of the match

    Competitive matches are a more precise measure of the strength of a team than a friendly. 
    This element is taken into account by introducing the Match Importance “M” factor, which has a maximum difference between competitions of a factor of four.

    Difference in Rating Points

    The difference in rating points between the two opponents is used to predict the result of the match. For each team the predicted match percentage “P” is expressed in a value between 0 and 1 as a function of the difference in rating points. 
    The scale of the rating points is chosen in such a way that the very best in the world can have rating points exceeding 2000, while absolute beginners score around 1000 rating points.


    With the FIFA Women’s World Cup as an established feature in the international football calendar, and following the inaugural FIFA Women’s U19 World Championship in Canada 2002, the launch of the FIFA Women’s World Ranking is FIFA’s most recent project to give impetus to one of the fastest developing areas of football activity. The FIFA WWR is designed to give a comprehensive insight into the current strength of the national teams that represent their countries in women’s football. “The future of football is feminine”.


    Full information about the system can be found at FIFA

  3. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Can’t wait @Crystal 🙂

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