Marta Vieira Da Silva commonly known as Marta is among the players in the shortlist of the FIFA Ballon d’Or galla award 2012. She is a 26 year old of Brazilian nationality has been labeled the female equivalent of Pele. Marta is famous for her fearless attack on defenses using class, tact and skill that is yet to be viewed in any other player in Women Football. She is one of the best footballers in the male and female world who started playing professional football at the age of 14 after she was discovered by a famous Brazilian Women Coach, Helena Pacheco.

Marta plays in mid field position and is currently playing for Tyreso FF, a Swedish football Club. She also represents the Brazil Women National Team in tournaments and championships and is the only player to win the FIFA Player of the Year 5 times consecutively from 2006 – 2010. She came in second in 2011 when Homare Sawa of Japan took the award.

Marta has competed in three FIFA Women’s World Cup USA 2003, China 2007 and Germany 2011; and three Olympics Tournaments: Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012; starting and playing every minute Brazil teams played at those six global tournaments; altogether played 30 matches, and scored 22 goals for her national team. Marta is by far the most decorated player in women’s soccer, together with her Brazil team they have finished second at China 2007 Women’s World Cup, and won silver medals at 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics. She was awarded the Golden Shoe and Golden Ball at the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Despite achieving all this, it has not been a smooth road for her. In the beginning it was tough for her since in Brazil, football was only focused on the men. As a child she had to play with the boys and had to fight against the prejudice and against the lack of support. In an interview with Abbey Road she said, “… I was going to play with the boys, even in official matches, it was just me as a woman and people made a lot of jokes, some very unpleasant … And I had to be always very strong, wanting to follow my path, I never let myself down by things like that…” It was until she was 14 years old that she got to showcase her great talent in a women’s team in Rio de Janeiro Football Club.

From then it has been an uphill journey where her life changed and she got a chance to live her dreams of playing for her national team and ultimately to be recognized as the best female footballer. She has definitely played a great role in putting the Brazil Women National team on the map beside the Brazil men’s team. As the women football game is evolving, so are there many female footballers emerging and hoping for a chance to shine as Marta has. Marta remains more technically excellent, but she does not seem to have the staggering physical advantage she enjoyed a few years ago. Women football has evolved a great deal and is providing a very stiff competition for players, thus providing a healthy competitive environment.

Marta is a wonderfully fluid mover with a magnificent left foot, and is definitely a player to watch out for when watching any Brazil Female game. She has once again been shortlisted in the FIFA Ballon d’Or galla 2012, though the list is filled with potential winners she actually stands a chance of winning the award for the 6th time in her career.

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