When I woke up this morning I thought everything would go smoothly with sending my daughter on a long trip to the other side of the world….How wrong I was!!!

Started with waking up, cooking a good breakfast for everyone..(Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Onion) and putting the final items that needed to be put in the suitcase for the 26hour flight to Kansas…

We left home 10 minutes later than I wanted to but that was ok cos I planned to be at the airport an hour and a half before my daughters flight. So we arrive at Adelaide Airport, not in that much of a hurry, walked up to the counter to check the luggage onto the plane and then was asked for my daughters itinerary and passport which she handed over. The lady at the count then asked for the return Itinerary. Having never flown out of the country before we had no idea that the return flight had to be booked for her to be able to go to USA. So started my panic mode…LOL… Tried to ring the contact in USA, but needed the dial out code, so after searching the net for that we then made the call but unfortunately no one answered. Another panic mode set in….(I thank my mother for that, she was always a worrier) So next option was google plus to see if I got a reaction from that…..Yay I did…After confirming a few things I then booked a return flight at the airport while Racheal was taken back to the counter to check in before the cut off time of the flight…..Phew!! Done… At this point I would love to acknowledge the wonderful people at Adelaide Airport who work for QANTAS with out their help I would have been lost…

So Racheal then boards the plane headed for Sydney with a 2 hour stop over before traveling onto San Fransisco…We stay until the plane takes off, then I thought to keep my mind off Racheal I would go for a walk up Mount Lofty here in Adelaide…..Well all I can say is I did it and made the 3+klm track up the mount and when I reached the top I got a message from Rach saying that she had just gone thru customs and had to sprint to the gate her plane was leaving from only to be told that it was delayed…Ok so another small hiccup not too bad…We can deal with that…

After climbing back down the mount ( which is so much easier than going up) got in my car and went home…Now because Rach lost her phone a couple of months ago and the current phone she has is not that good I have lent her my phone to use while over in USA, So I have reverted back to my HTC HD which I use to love before I got my Sony and now find I am having to charge my phone every 12 hours…So when I got back to my car my phone was dead…So I had no idea whether she had taken off or not….Luckily Cassie (Rachs Friend ) had come with me and she text Rach who then told us instead of leaving at 2.50pm the flight would leave at 4.50PM…

Got home and decided to go food shopping so I didn’t have to go tomorrow….I also then decided to leave my phone at home to charge…..mmmmmm  As soon as I got out of the car after shopping my son greeted me with Racheals flight has been cancelled altogether… Apparently 2 mins after I left to go shopping they were told. Not much I could have done here in Adelaide but I could of at least given her some advice…But  she got thru and has been rebooked onto another flight heading over there and is currently staying in a hotel.

So currently she is in Sydney, tomorrow she starts afresh and travels to Auckland before heading out to San Fransisco and then to the final leg of her trip to Kansas City. Hopefully arriving there on Sunday night at 9.30pm….

Hopefully that leg will go on without a hitch!!

Everything always happens for a reason….

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Hello Keith. First of all, many thanks for having taken the time to answer me, I deeply appreciate :o)

    As I said, it was very interesting to learn more about you. Maybe I badly expressed myself. What I regret – you can call that a kind of personal “frustration” – was that, in spite of your great background and experience of English Women’s Football, you didn’t give precise and concrete ideas in this article, when it would have been so interesting to hear them, since I have no doubt that all your ideas are relevant. You explained in your reply why you chose to speak in that way, and there is no problem, once more I thank you for doing it and I understand what you mean. And if I hurt you in anyway, I apologise to you.

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thank you for sharing Racheal’s journey to Kansas City, it is really interesting to read – I am sorry that she had to deal with delays and the flight being cancelled, I am sure she just wants to get there now! It’s typical that the call would come just as you leave, it’s always the way!


  3. Asa 9 years ago

    It will all be worth it when she gets Kansas,Thank you Beverley for this article 

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