The Top Women’s Football Competitions to Bet On

Women’s football has come a long way in the last decade or so. The success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, especially in 2019, has been a major contributor to the current state of the game. In the last few years, the event has seen a growing number of viewers, which has brought more attention to women’s football than ever before. As the sport becomes more prominent, betting sites are jumping at the opportunity to offer the market to punters.

With the number of fans growing exponentially, women’s football has become an attractive betting alternative. For this reason, bettors are always searching for lucrative events on which to wager. Although the World Cup is the most recognised competition in the sport, it is not the only one offered at online bookmakers. Besides, it only comes around every four years. Punters can choose from a decent selection of events, which we highlight in this piece.

Sportsbook Determine Your Choice of Markets

The bookmaker that you pick for your women’s football betting determines the kinds of events available for wagering. Market coverage is critical when choosing a sportsbook. Some operators only cover a handful of competitions while others will have limitless options. It’s why you should always learn more about a gambling site before investing any money. Whatever your gambling requirements, you have to ensure that a betting platform provides suitable markets. So, even as you look at Ethereum casino reviews, check for operators with extensive sports betting coverage.

Ideally, you want a bookmaker that offers odds for domestic and international leagues. Since women’s football still lags behind the men’s version, punters might not have as many leagues from which to select. A few countries, including England, Germany and the USA invest heavily in women’s domestic competitions. Therefore, bettors should expect to see more action in regional and international tournaments. Below is a quick look at the areas where punters can spend their money when wagering on the sport.

Women’s FA

Under the leadership of the FA, English football is the leading participation sport for girls and women in the country with almost 3 million registered players. England boasts one of the strongest leagues in the world, which means the option is always available at betting sites. The Football Association has several competitions that should prove worthwhile.

The FA Cup, launched in 1970, is the most prestigious domestic tournament in the game. Any women’s team that plays in a top-tier county league can enter the knockout competition. The Women’s FA Cup has seen a rise in attendance annually since 2015 with the 2019 Manchester City vs West Ham United finals attracting a record 43,264 spectators.

Barclays FA WSL or simply the Super League is now a fully professional 12-team tournament where the biggest female clubs compete for the title. Punters can expect to find the top English clubs, such as Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham represented. The 12 teams play home and away games with the last two being relegated.

The FA also has a third and fourth tier called the Women’s National League. It consists of six divisions: Southern Premier Division, Northern Premier Division, Division 1 North, Division 1 Midlands, Division 1 South West and Division 1 South East.

Women’s Champions League

The UEFA Champions League brings Europe’s elite clubs where the last 32 are selected after a massive qualifying process. 22 teams get through using the association coefficient rankings. The rest of the qualifying clubs then have to fight for the last 10 places. All the biggest teams in Europe like PSG, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have female sides. French club Lyon is the most successful in the tournament with six titles. Arsenal is the only English team to win the Women’s Champions League in 2007.

Other Leading Competitions

Punters can consider a host of other women’s football tournaments. Invitationals are tournaments where one country invites other national teams to compete for a cup. The Algarve Cup, which the Portuguese Football Federation organises, is one of the longest-running and most prestigious. Other top invitational tournaments include the Lunar New Year Cup (formerly the Carlsberg Cup), Cyprus Women’s Cup and Australia Cup.

Outside Europe, the game also offers various world-class tournaments. In Asia, there is the Asian Women’s Cup, the Women’s Cup of Nations in Africa, Copa America Feminina in South America, the Women’s Championship in North America, Central America and the Caribbean and the Women’s Nations Cup in Oceania. Club and national competitions also have under-17 and under-19 sides. Therefore, bettors can see that women’s football offers adequate betting choices, whatever your gambling experience.

Once you understand how women’s football is similar and yet different from the men’s game, then betting on it shouldn’t be too hard. Learning the best events to wager on is part of any good sports betting strategy. Present-day women’s football offers plenty to choose from as competitions grow to reflect the increasing popularity of the sport. So, it all comes down to bettors knowing which events are worth wagering on.

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