So we played against Kristianstad this week.. we won 5-2 but i´m not satisfied with our performance… I think kristianstad played very well, especially in the first half, we were lucky to be in the lead.. But in the second half we took over.

We got a penalty and i put the ball in the net and after that they were done.


We have some things we have to work with.. we have to work together as a team, defend our selves better in the midfield… it will get better, for sure. We have only played 2 games with the eleven we had.. we have to be patient, I have to be patient… one of my downsides… Yes… i know i sound negative.. But i know what my team can do.. and I want us to show it.. and it will come.. I promise you that!


And I have to mention Anja Mittag!
Glad to have her in my team for a change.. 2 goals, 1 assist and she got us a penalty! Next tuesday we play Tyresö and then we will be really tested.


Saw the game Linköping vs Tyresö yesterday.. Exciting game to watch! 2 very good teams, superstars on both sides!
Its going to be a interesting season!


And now the hunger games… I think I had to much expectations on the movie.. it was a little bit weak… Do you agree? I liked the story but I would prefer more blood, more action… more love.. Ali Riley told me to read the books.. So maybe I have to do that.. May the odds be ever in your favor.. =)


One more thing.. Did everybody see Chelsea-Barcelona tonight? I did.. I bet on Chelsea… so 50euros to me! =) and I will tell you more about my addiction later..


Hej så länge!


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  1. Elias Ekström 9 years ago

    Ouch, that makes it 7 draws in a row for France… They just can’t seem to win. :-/

  2. vanjory 10 years ago

    Great entry by Therese! 🙂

  3. VLAD DENA 10 years ago

    Тереза – ЛУЧШАЯ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Привет из России !!!

  4. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    I agree @Izzy such a shame we can not watch, we will have to do a trip to Sweden 😀

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