Ok, i´m about to post my first blog.. so please be patient..
The season is underway, played Jitex on 9/4 and we won! 4-1. It was a pretty difficult game, they have alot of new players, but we scored early and it became a pretty comfortable win!


I have to say that we have a quite interesting team this year, a lot of technical and fun players to watch. Take Ramona Bachmann for an example.. The speed and the things she can do in that pace.. I would give all my money to be able to do what she do.. just for one day! =) Ok, i dont have that much money.. So if you want to see entertaining soccer, come to Malmö IP!


Today at practise we had my favorite exercise! Its called 3-zoners. You have 3 teams and each team has their own zone. And the team in the middle sends 2 players in to try to get the ball. And the other team is trying to get the ball into the
3 zone.. Make any sense? Its fun though!


Tomorrow some of us are going to see the hunger games! Really looking forward to it! Hope it is as good as they say..


Until next time..


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  1. Izzy 10 years ago

    Great blog! Damallsvenskan is the best league in the world and I wish all the matches were broadcasted! 🙁 I read the hunger games book, but didnt watch the film yet. I think this probably is a very exciting movie. 🙂 I am brazilian but I loved sweden WNT too…hehehe and france 😛 good lucky with Malmo and in Olympic Games!

  2. Diane 10 years ago

    Pretty good for a first blog! It’s really nice to see how players view their own teams. I look forward to the next blog and to follow you through your season.  Maybe you could let us know how the team likes the new kits. Thanks!

  3. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Brilliant blog thank you Therese 🙂 Congratulations on your great start to the new season! That training exercise sounds good fun. Enjoy the cinema, I haven’t seen that film yet so not sure what it’s like you will have to let us know.

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