Hi again!

We have played 3 games since the last time i wrote… I’m going to tell you a little bit about it.


The first one.. We lost against a very good Tyresö, 2-0. I think it was a tight game between two good teams, but Tyresö had more clear chances then we had, and our biggest problem of that game was our skill to play as a team… Too many that wanted to do it by themselves.. Too many touches.. And Tyresö really took advantage of our mistakes.


We had a week to regroup and try to change what we did wrong against Tyresö… And we really did.. 7-1 against Umeå speaks for it self! We were really a team this day! Umeå never got in the game, we didn’t let them. We knew how they wanted to play and we pressured them high and I think we scored 6 goals exactly the same.. Anja Mittag scored 4 goals.. Bachmann is getting better and better, and when she plays like that she is one of the best players around! It was nice to show our home crowd how good we really are! Wish there were more people watching though..


And then we have the Piteå game… And we were back to our old selves… Back to too many touches.. and Piteå played really well! Tight, hard and made us make so many mistakes.. But we won, 2-0. it feels good to win even though we didn’t play that well.


I have to mention Elin Rubensson. She is an upcoming star, a young player with so much talent! It’s hard to get a spot in our starting 11, we have so many international superstars.. But Elin is on her way in.. She got 20 min against Piteå, scored and was very good with holding the ball. So watch out you big divas.. Including myself of course.. =)


Now to something else.. I don’t know if you know about Sweden’s result in the Algarve cup… We lost big against both Germany and USA.. 4-0 in both games.. So.. we have a German national team player in our team.. (Anja Mittag).. We had a bet before the game.. If they lost, Anja had to wear my national team jersey to their next trip with the German national team.. And if we lost… I had to bake her a gluten free bread.. with a marzipan German flag on it.. yeah.. we all know how it went..


This saturday we play Vittsjö.. we will be prepared… Skånederby.. bring it on!!




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  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    60′ England Subs: Brown replaces Bardsley in goal & Nobbs replaces Asante

  2. Izzy 9 years ago

    I know Manon Melis is dutch, Bachmann is Swiss and I hope that you didn’t think I thought who Anonman, Potsdam’s player, is german? lol because she is from Equatorial Guinea.
    I was only citing the players I think is a shame be out of Olympic Games… Bachmann and Lara Dickenmann ( Lyon’s player) both are swiss.
    Daphne Koster, Manon Melis, Kirsten Van de Ven are dutches.
    Shirley Cruz is from Costa Rica.
    I don’t know if you could say one great player from Colombia, I could say Yorelin Ricon (that entitles herself as the new Marta, but she didn’t prove it yet) and Carmen Rodallega.
    I am asking it because Colombia played WWC and will play Olympic Games, because South American only has Brazil like a good team and I am sure that should be exciting see Netherlands or Swiss playing in Olympic Games as I think will be watch Colombia, However is sadness know that Bachmann or Vero or Lara Dickenmann probably will never have the opportunity play a WWC or a Olympic Games because Europe has only three vacancies or Shirley Cruz, because USA,Canada or Mexico always rules the vacancies in American.
    Different of other people I prefer watch germany playing in Olympic Games and other great teams, only to watch these great players playing, than to have a path more easy to my country achieve the gold medal.
    About the attendance, Germany and Sweden never have big attendances, but they have great teams in their leagues and a great WNT and I think it will never change, I think teams could improve a few their attendances, but it will never will be a large number. Populous countries as USA and Brazil can’t do it… only in WNT matches…. Brazil WNT put in 2007, 70 thousands of people in Maracana stadium, but our league has a attendance similar of sweden and germany and the nivel sucks and our WNT preparation is ridiculous. So I am only happy that Germany and Sweden continous keeping their leagues and WNT, although the attendance is not so good in all these years. I hope now that Women’s soccer can grow up and better their quality in others countries where women’s soccer don’t have support of their federations and clubs as Sweden or Germany have. I think it is happening now in Japan and I hope it happens some day in Brazil.

  3. Izzy 9 years ago

    Hi Lars, I know that Germany didn’t classified and USA and Sweden played in WWC. 🙂 When I said that should be prohibited that great teams like for example USA, Germany, Sweden be away of big competitions like WWC and Olympic Games I was expressing my sadness because Germany is out of Olympics Games and my wish that Germany didnt was out, since Germany is in top 3 in the World and has so many great players. I think these Olympic Games will not be the same without Germany. I am not saying that the others teams don’t deserve be there, but if exist a team that deserve is Germany. I think the country that was host nation in WWC should have a place in Olympic games or FIFA should increase the numbers os teams. I think is a absurd Europe to has only 3 teams, when the continent has so many good teams like Spain, Germany, Denmark, Holland, England, France, Norway, Sweden…
    Well… I wish I could see Celia Mbabi proving be the high scoring this year and other skilled players like Anoman, Vero, Ramona Bachmann, Manon Melis, Anja Mittag, Fatmire Bajramaj, Garefrekes, Popps, etc. But nothing is perfect.

  4. Izzy 9 years ago

    Ramona Bachmann has a great and beautiful particularly way to play soccer. I always thought she was one of best players in the world, but maybe a little sensitive for her few age… Anja Mittag is a awesome player…. it’s a shame Germany is not going to London… should be prohibited teams like Germany, Sweden, USA be away of this competitions.

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