Well Rach is doing really well over in Kansas City, they have played 4 games and won three of them and she has scored in two of those games with also a couple of assists. She is enjoying herself and learning how the other half of the world lives….Im so happy for her and I thank Shawn and his team for giving her such a great opportunity.

With that being said I miss her..I knew I would but did know how much…I try and talk to her everyday thru facebook but I think Im getting a little annoying….lol never thought I would turn into the annoying mum…..(although some people might say Ive always been that) I will have to try and not bug her so much….I just want to share in what she is experiencing…Thinking about it I think I really do live thru my daughter enjoying everything that she does, including her soccer career.  Is that wrong??? I really dont know… If  I had the money I probably would have followed her over there to watch at least a couple of games ( thank goodness some of the games are streamed live).

I really cant understand parents who drop their kids off at training and then take off to do other things, then come back after to pick the kids up… In one of Rachs teams when she was younger there was a young boy, his parents would drop him off at games even…they never watched him play any games at all…You have to feel for kids with parents like that..I know also when I was growing up my parents were like that…I remember my mum coming out to watch me play a couple of times (not soccer but every other sport you could think of) but most of the time other parents would take me to play netball or volleyball. That was when I swore to myself that I would never be like that with my kids…I would always be there no matter what they wanted to do…

My son tried to play soccer when he was younger..but I think all the sporting genes were all spent on Racheal..He wasn’t very good at it but he tried his heart out and he loved to play…So I kept taking him out there…Until he got to Under 11s with a new coach…Unfortunately this coach wasn’t interested in being very fair and so my son only got 5 minutes every game if that…Dylan was fine with this but my hubby didn’t like the fact that we were paying the same as every other kid out there and getting no time on the pitch so he pulled him out of the team. I tried to get Dylan interested in other sports but he was happy not to do anything..  I wonder how many other kids that has happened to??

Its really sad to think that some coaches out there especially with the younger kids dont give them a go..Its reminded me of another little boy Rach use to play soccer with..I shouldn,t really say little as this boy was on the larger side and his parents wanted him to play soccer so he would get some fitness and maybe lose a few pounds, unfortunately that coach also wanted to win so the poor boy didnt get on the pitch very often at all..yet the coaches son got a full game every week…Its really weird what you remember along the way and what you dont.

  1. Asa 8 years ago

    Goal: FC Barcelona 0 – 2 Wolfsburg,  Nilla Fischer 67′, Ladies First Cup 2013 Semi-Final 

  2. Author
    Beverley Quigley 8 years ago

    Thank you for your comments…I havent stopped since 1994 but havent regretted one minute of it…

  3. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Brilliant blog as always @Beverley!

    I am really pleased to hear how well your daughter and Kansas City Shock are progressing! I can only imagine the feelings of missing your daughter. I do not think you are an annoying mum at all! What better than to have parents that fully support your passion and are genuinely interested and excited about your career! I am sure it is comforting to Rach to know that you are always in contact.

    I was very lucky… It is only now when I look back that I can see the effort and support that my parents gave to me and my brother who both played football from the age of 6. From that moment my parents had no weekend free (except when the season ended… But then it was tournament time!). For years and years they could never enjoy a lay in on a Saturday and Sunday, lol! 

  4. Author
    Beverley Quigley 8 years ago

    Thank you ASA

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