Hedvig Lindahl

We are taking on Scotland in a very important game. Both teams are undefeated and both teams dream about stepping into the arenas in Canada, into the 2015 World Cup. I don’t know how it all went down, but I know that Scotland were very close to qualify to one of the more recent tournaments. It might have been the Euro that we hosted last summer back in Sweden.

This time will be the first of our two encounters on our road to the final tournament. Scotland has scored a lot, but also let in a few I think. I believe we’ve scored a bit less, but we’ve kept our zero intact. None of that matters when we step out on the pitch. There will be players with plenty of experience playing. Players with experience from World Cups, Olympics and Euros. Players with experience from the best leagues of this world. It will be a tough game and a game to remember. A game where you want to participate and make a difference. A game where you want to be aggressive instead of passive. A game where you want to out rule the opponent by performing the best physique, tactics and technique. A game where the mental game is won by you.

In our game the first girl to win the NWSL-prize ‘Player of the month’ twice will participate. You will also find a recent Champions League-champion. And several that have won their leagues in Europe. Many that play overseas, being part of the amazing world that us women create right now. The football world is growing, there are more and more professionals and we play longer and longer. At least that is my experience of it.

Players unions take bigger space and collective agreements for players rights are taken into more serious consideration for every year that pass. This makes us stay longer in the game, this gives us better opportunity to stay and help grow the world of football.

A few years ago Sweden would most likely crush Scotland in almost every encounter. But times are changing and this game will be a thriller.

  1. Asa 7 years ago

    Thank you Hedvig, great Article to read

  2. Gina West 7 years ago

    Fantastic blog, thank you Hedvig.
    Yes, if I remember correctly it was Scotland against Spain in the playoff for Euro 2013 and it was a last minute goal that saw the Spanish progress. Like you say, Scotland are a very improved side with World class players, I am looking forward to this qualifier.

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