Women's Olympic Football 2020

Tokyo 2020 – Women’s Soccer Tournament Predictions and Betting Odds

The Olympics are returning to Tokyo after 56 years and it looks like the event will be nothing but grandiose. Although some other sports might steal the spotlight, the most popular sport in the world will still gather millions of people cheering for their favourite players through their TV sets.

Twelve female soccer teams will compete for the Olympic glory between July 22 and August 7. While we still don’t know the names of all the participants, experts have already made some predictions and revealed who they think will win the gold.

So let’s see what some of the early predictions for the tournament are, shall we?

Who Qualified?

Since Japan is a host nation, they automatically qualify for the tournament. Brazil won the 2018 Copa America, which granted them a spot at the Games. New Zealand qualified as the 2018 OFC Nations Cup champion, while Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Sweden also made their way into the group stage through their respective continental championships.

The remaining six teams will come from CONCACAF, AFC, CAF, and CONMEBOL qualifying tournaments.

The Format

Twelve teams will be divided into three groups of four. The top two teams from each group will go through to the quarterfinals, and the best two third-placed teams in each group will join them. The draw for the tournament will be on April 20.

The quarterfinals are set to take place on July 31. Semis will be played three days later. The bronze medal match will be on August 6, while the final is scheduled for the day after.

Is Team USA a Heavy Favourite?

The United States is by far the most dominant team in the history of women’s soccer, which is why they are always considered favourites to win it all. They have just completed their back-to-back title run at the FIFA Women’s World Cup last summer, and it’s hard to think of a team that could stop them on their route to the gold.

The US also wants redemption for the Rio Games in 2016, in which they were upset by Sweden in the quarterfinals. This was the first and the only time the United States didn’t reach a gold medal match at the Olympics, and it would surely be surprising if they fail to do it again.

However, they still haven’t qualified for the event, as they need to finish as one of the top two nations at the 2020 CONCACAF qualifying tournament.

What Do Bookies Say?

Although there are plenty of Tokyo 2020 predictions and betting odds you can check out for other sports, we still need to wait and see who will qualify for the women’s soccer tournament. That’s why bookies are currently holding out on their odds.

As we’ve discussed earlier, the team USA will surely be one of the top favourites to win the gold, especially with the absence of Germany. However, it’s not like other teams don’t have a chance. The Netherlands gave the US a solid resistance in the World Cup final. They also won silver in Rio and are current European champions. Also, Sweden is always near the top, meaning that betting on them might not be a bad idea.

Of course, apart from betting on the champion, you can also try to guess which team will finish at the podium, who is going to be the top scorer, etc.


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