Tokyo Olympics – Women’s Soccer

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the seventh edition of the Olympics with women’s soccer tournament, is all set to offer some very exciting competition. If you are a fan of football or Betway, and are looking for some football fan news, we are sure this is going to get you excited.

The Olympics football tournament will be held from July 22 to August 8 in Japan. This time, female soccer teams from twelve nations will battle against each other for the supreme title.

As each new edition brings increased participation of countries from around the world, the Tokyo Olympics is sure to set new records in women’s soccer this time.

Which teams are going to play?

Twelve nations are selected for participation in the Olympics through tournaments by six confederations. As all the qualifying matches for the group stage are not over yet, it is hard to predict the winners at this point. It’s why you need to bet carefully on Betway. However, six of the participating teams have already been confirmed.

The first one, of course, is Japan since the host country automatically gets selected for participation. With their 2018 Copa America win, Brazil is another confirmed team. New Zealand also qualified with their 2018 OFC Nations Cup. Similarly, Sweden, Netherlands, and Great Britain have all qualified through their continental qualifying tournaments. Shockingly, Germany – the reigning champions of the Summer Olympics – has failed to qualify for the group stage this time.

The remaining six teams will be selected from the qualifying tournaments of AFC, CAF, and CONCACAF. To qualify, they have to emerge as one of the top two teams within these tournaments.
Australia, South Korea, China and Vietnam have the best chances at qualifying from The Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Meanwhile, Zambia and Cameron will be battling it out for the qualifying tournament of CAF (Confederation of African Football). The United States and Canada have the best chances in the CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) qualifying tournament.

Who are the crowd favorites?

The history of women’s soccer reveals that the United States has always had the most dominating presence so far. They are the reigning champions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup held last year. Though the qualifying matches haven’t happened yet, the United States has very good chances of emerging as one of the top two teams from the CONCACAF tournament.

The Netherlands, the runner-up of the Summer Olympics, is another crowd favorite. They had given the US a run for their money during the World Cup finals. Moreover, they are also the reigning European champions. Sweden is another team with great odds at winning the Tokyo Olympics.

What is the format of the tournament?

The usual format for Olympics divides the twelve teams into three groups of four teams each. The top two teams from each of these groups will qualify for the quarter-finals, along with the top two of the third-placed teams from the groups. The quarter-finals are scheduled for July 31, whereas the semi-finals will be on August 3. The finals will take place on August 7.


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