We are very sad to report that one of the most successful Brazilian women’s team’s, Santos FC have today officially announced they have folded.


The press conference featured President Luis Álvaro Ribeiro and a very emotional attacker for Santos, Érika. Watch the video below.

Santos FC was created in 1997 and has been home to some of the World’s most well known, talented women’s football players including Marta, Christiane and Érika.

Santos FC have made some fantastic club achievements include:

Copa Libertadores Femenina Winners: (2010, 2009)

Copa do Brasil Winners: (2009, 2008)

Liga Nacional Winners: (2007)

Campeonato Paulista Winners: (2011, 2010, 2007) / Runners-up: (2009)

More club achievements can be found here.


According to reports the decision came due to financial reasons. The unfortunately common lack of support that surrounds the women’s game has resulted in another women’s football team casualty which leaves a squad full of passionate, dedicated players without a team to play for. A sad start to the year for Brazilian women’s club football.



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  1. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    The FIFA World Coach of the Year for women’s football 2012 nominees Bruno Bini, Norio Sasaki and Pia Sundhage!

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    @Lutendo Morris

    >Lack of sponsors – i said money

    >There is no publicity | >Women’s soccer matches are not broadcasted or televised regulary – i said exposure (we could divide this into more thngs, lika radio, newspapers, internet, but all this IS exposure)

    about men’s soccer being overrated it’s more like an opinion…maybe they get to much headlines in some countries (england perhaps, where you can’t sneeze without a newspaper knowing the color of your handkerchief), but that doesn’t mean that this has any bearing on the women’s game..

    about governing bodies doing to little to further the women’s game are certainly true..if you take afrika for example, you must know that neither fifa or any governing soccer federation in those countries will shovel money on the womens game in those countries, until the mens leagues are more developed then they are…fifa can give some money, but before that, a country must tend to itself and start a league of it’s own accord…fifa would never give anybody money just so they could start one..

    well, these are just my opinions, and may, or not be, wrong

  3. Lutendo Morris 9 years ago

    There are 5 things which are making Women’s soccer to perish:
    >Lack of sponsors
    >There is no publicity
    >Men’s soccer is overated
    >Women’s soccer matches are not broadcasted or televised regulary and
    >soccer governing bodies/commitees/boards/especial FIFA careless about women soccer.
    For an example: most African Countries have no women’s soccer leagues,they play only for their national side/development and schools or universities.

  4. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    @keithboanas – the attendance at the wc final was 48+ something…about stadium max..(just watched the replay the other day, so i stuck with me…)

    and you both @keithboanas, @vanjory are quite right..it’s about attendance, money and exposure, just like the mens game…and unfortunately all 3 of these aspects need to improve to give stability and continuity to the leagues

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