When you are off to new exciting adventures in a town that is just your temporary home, you try to fill your days with exciting stuff. Regardless of what you plan to do or actually do, there is always one thing that remains the main focus of your day: Soccer Training!

This is after all why you are here, and when you are in season it is really all that matters (with a few exemptions of course)

In a normal week (1 game per week ish) we train with the team 5 times. We do schedule in 3-4 individual gym workouts also, but I will get back to this later

If Saturday is game day we train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Sunday would be the day off.

Monday: Would be of lower intensity as bodies are still recovering after Saturday’s game. The session will be open for varied intensity depending on the individual needs of the players.

Tuesday: Higher Intensity with lots of play

Wednesday: Similar to Tuesday, but tactical emphasis on how we want to play the coming Saturday.

Thursday: Medium intensity with tactical influence.

Friday: Low intensity. Go through plays and tactics for game the next day.

One thing you will notice is the time of our trainings 21.30 (yes that is 9.30 PM)!
As the usual duration of a training is 1,5 hours, it means that we are done with training at 23.00 (11 PM), and home at our house sometime around 11.30-12.30 PM.

We will show up at the facility latest 20.45 (45 minutes prior). This allows time for:
Ottawa Fury treatment


Ottawa Fury Warm-up

Extra warm-up

Ottawa Fury training

Or just standing around trying to look cool …

Regardless if you need treatment or not, this room is often a meeting point prior to training, until we get kicked out for being too loud. I usually use this room as my own SPA where I get massages I don’t really need (joking Kelly. I need them).

Our physical trainer, Pat, is also always there early to make sure that we are fit for fight. Or more so to monitor how fit for fight we actually are.

Prior to training we are equipped with a polar heart rate monitor that allows him to collect all data live while we train.

Ottawa Fury training

Danielle loves to wear her heart rate monitor

We also weigh in before and after every session! No not to see if we have eaten too much during the day (which we probably have), but too make sure we hydrate enough during training. Coming summer time this will be of great importance.

Ottawa Fury training

Then once 21.30 finally come along we go out for our session. Actually we go out a little bit before, as sessions should be started at 21.30.

The structure of our trainings remains the same regardless of the intensity and contents. I will walk you through a session.

Phase 1: Activation and warm up with Fitness Coach
Phase 2: Technical work with ball
Phase 3: Speed and agility with Fitness Coach
Phase 4: Play/Other ball work
Phase 5: Cool down/rollers/stretching

The lengths of the different phases will vary depending on intensity of the training and the needs.

In case you are wondering what we use the rollers for, Maggie is showing us with the greatest enthusiasm…

Ottawa Fury training

Then once we are done rolling and stretching we can look forward to a fun ice bath…

Ottawa Fury ice bath!

Some enjoy that more than others!

Once we are done with our 5-minute ice bath and have weighed out, we are free to go home, eat, relax and eventually (a couple of hours later) fall asleep.

We have all become creatures of the night!

Live large,

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  1. Asa 7 years ago

    Thank you Lisa-Marie another great read.

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