Bosnia and Herzegovina women's national team in newspaper
Photo: Sabrina Buljubasic

The game against England was a turning point for women’s football in Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina may have just become the latest country to finally recognise their women’s national football team.

A campaign stating that people need to support women’s football and their national team was launched ahead of their UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 qualifying match against England (12 April), which attracted social media endorsements from top men’s players such as Edin Dzeko of Roma. The campaign which was led by the BiH FA and developed by Ebbe Comms agency and the Fare network put on a media training day on how to report on women’s football.

As part of their community engagement initiative, 600 school children attended a training session with the WNT.

The match against England showcased a vast improvement, where they would usually host a crowd of less than 100, they attracted up to 4,000 fans.

It is remarkable how with the help of media, the outlook can change and the result of which attracts more fans, including famous players and popular media figures in the country.

Bosnia were defeated 1-0 on the day, but given their opponent, (ranked number 4 in the world), it was a good result and showed that they could go up against the strongest teams in the world.

Despite the loss against England, Bosnia have won in so many ways, for the first time the highlights of a WNT match were shown on TV, reports of the game made the newspapers and there is a genuine buzz and excitement about the sport.

Lets hope the support continues for the women’s game in this country and that others follow in the same direction by taking a moment to stop and look at the incredible passion for the game and what they are trying to achieve and see how much the support can make a huge difference.

Thank you to Sabrina Buljubasic for highlighting this positive turning point for women’s football in Bosnia.

  1. Harry 6 years ago

    Generally it’s been a really good qualification campaign for the underdogs. Ten, maybe even five, years ago Croatia would have been beaten of a double figures aggregate score by Germany, it was 3-0. Even in this matchday, Romania were unfortunate to lose 0-1 to France, Poland deservedly held Denmark to a scoreless draw before being beaten surprisingly in Slovakia. It’s really great to see the development these teams- perfect decision by UEFA to increase the European Championship Finals to sixteen nations for 2017. The last three matchdays should be very interesting!

    • Harry 6 years ago

      Sorry I missed my first point!
      Here in England we were really surprised by Bosnia in Bristol, they put in an amazing effort and only just lost to a Jill Scott goal to nil. And I must say on Tuesday I was very nervously checking UEFA’s matchcentre, and the relief of tension was palpable when Carney scored four minutes from the end. I have loads of respect for Bosnia’s squad; they’ve put in some amazing work and they deserve all the attention and success they get from this campaign. All the best from England on developing Bosnia women’s football (and referees!)

      • Author
        WSU 6 years ago

        Great points Harry – agree with you.

        Ha… Yes, the referees is something that needs to be developed across the whole women’s game so they can keep up with how much the game is progressing. This probably needs a whole discussion of its own…

        • Harry 6 years ago

          If you want me to I could write a couple of articles of women’s refereeing:
          World Cup 2015
          Current situation of UEFA refereeing
          I would be really interested to hear everybody’s opinion on the match officials that led top level matches also, of course if there is scope for something like that.

          • Author
            WSU 6 years ago

            Yes, that would be great. I too would be interested in people’s opinions. It is something that is mentioned on numerous occasions, although this is not limited to the women’s game, is it worse. Also, what are your thoughts on female only referees at the major tournaments?

  2. Danwen Huang 6 years ago

    It’s little pushes like these that made big tides. May women’s football grow even more in Bosnia and around the world. The underdogs are playing with real spirits here.

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