Two of the biggest name in football now suggest to play in Russia. Manon Melis has confirmed his conversion to our championship. So ….. The energy sign Melis, and in March in Brazil should be in a Russian woman?

Maria Gabriella Melis
Born August 31, 1986 (25 years)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Malmo 2007-2011 73 (60)
2012-Sky Blue (USA)
Manon Melis became the best scorer in the Swedish Championship in 2011. Melis says ….. in Sweden, I find for myself what I want. I like to play, to please my friends and I’m not sure I could do it in Russia (laughs). And it’s cold. Now I want to calm down and think about their future. I’m not going to make a quick decision ….. I want to make the right decision. ….

  1. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    read about this a while ago:…  dated jan 31, and shortened english version: dated feb 1..

  2. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Great player! 

    Thanks for the news Vlad 🙂

  3. Asa 8 years ago

    Interesting, Thank you Vald 

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