Then it was clear that Tyreso Football has been authorized for a continuation of its corporate restructuring.

In short, this decision means that Tyreso Football is guaranteed a corporate restructuring at first until the 5th of June. The decision also means that Tyreso Football, if the club finds its future funding, it still has the ability to avoid forced relegation in 2015.

Many have asked why Tyreso Football has not officially commented on the situation arising more than what the club has done. The answer is that a company under reconstruction should not comment until the District Court has given its decision, which has now taken place.

Tyresö Football has under 8 years had a clear ambition to really try to achieve something unique in Swedish sports, and especially in the Swedish women’s football. We have had the ambition to lift the Swedish women’s football, to create a greater interest in Allsvenskan, to help more young girls want to play football and get the role models they so desperately need. Tyresö Football has wanted to contribute to women’s football will get the respect women’s football deserves and for eight years we have been praised for our efforts.

We went from div.3 to Barclays Premier League from 2006 to 2010, we won two national bronze 2010 and 2011 national championships in 2012 and SM-silver 2013. We have been in the final of the Swedish Cup several years in a row and we reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League with a good opportunity to take us on. We have won the league crowd for many years in a row and away from home triples the many teams their audience when Tyreso come to visit. We managed to hit the world’s best player Marta and the mass media, we have been by far the most watched team. The club has been through hard work and creative work every year managed to increase its sponsorship through a unique sponsorship model and has also established one of the largest business network.

In the 2014 budget, the Board took the decision to reduce the budget, to have a smaller organization with fewer players than before. In 2013 the club dropped some guaranteed sponsorship revenue while some cost items was larger than expected and this follows through into the 2014. In combination with some unexpected negative news in late February emerged the liquidity situation that is now being widely debated. Board of Tyreso Football regret the situation especially for our players but also to the society’s leaders, our sponsors and supporters.

When the board has taken different decisions we have taken decisions based on the information we had at any given time. Obviously we can with hindsight discuss about all the decisions were right. We have in recent weeks focused really hard to handle and save the resulting economic situation. From now deals with all our strength to look ahead, to complete the package of measures we sketched that involves both chase costs nevertheless new revenue. We are all willing to work hard to repair the trust tap the negative attention means. We are grateful to the players and officials put the sports mainly and now fully focused on the games ahead.

We hope and believe that the sum of the positive things the club achieved under 8 years old will overshadow the last weeks turmoil.

Now we immediately forward to a great football game on Sunday when the club plays its biggest game to date. We hope all Tyreso Supporters nevertheless female football supporters in Stockholm closes up on Tyreso Vallen. Match start at 14.45.

A warm welcome

Board of Directors


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