UEFA decided a couple of days ago that Euro 2017 will have 16 teams, and that the World Cup in Canada 2015 will have 24 teams, this I think would have been FIFA’s decision…

This brings both the Euro and World Cup a bit closer to the magnitude of the mens game, which I find great…more games to watch….

If this have been posted somewhere else, then I’am truly sorry…I’am kind of out of touch lately……

  1. Jerel Wakayama 9 years ago

    Not only a finalist.  Sinclair outplayed all three at the only tournament this year.  Carli outplayed Wambach and Morgan in the final to win the gold. 

    At least select players who play games in actual leagues.  What league did Wambach and Morgan play in this year?  Necib played and Abily played and won the champions league, league, and cup.  Kelly Smith and Arsenal are having a great year.  Can’t we vote for players who actually play? 

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