2016 Four Nations Tournament

Rumours that USA, Germany, England and France to compete in 2016 Four Nations Tournament

USA to host Germany, England and France in a Four Nations tournament in 2016 around the same dates as the long-running Algarve Cup and Cyprus Cup?

Reports and excitement is building in anticipation of a new Four-nations tournament involving USA, Germany, England and France in early 2016.

Eurosport’s Romain Balland posted a teasing ‘tweet’ hinting of the competition:

On Thursday we reported the list of teams to participate in the Algarve Cup 2016, with some significant changes to previous editions of the tournament, the number of teams reduced to eight being just one of them – The Rio 2016 Olympic qualifiers being a huge influencing factor. As well as the absence of current holders and regular competitors, USA…

Whilst we wait for an official confirmation of this Four Nations tournament, there are many questions to be answered. Will this be a regular annual competition? Will the number of participating teams increase? What will happen to the Algarve and Cyprus Cup?


  1. Michael Scoates 6 years ago

    It’s quite an interesting idea, I’d prefer a Six Nations format so we can take a close look at how all England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compare, then any other two that have free calendars and want to have a go. A four-team tournament might squeeze in better time-wise though, plus I’m sure the U.S.A. would be great hosts.

    • Gina West 6 years ago

      It would be great to see these four teams compete but I would not like this to replace the Algarve Cup which on a ‘normal’ edition of the tournament (without the Rio qualifiers) always invites top class nations to compete and has done this, supporting the women’s game since the early 90s and offers a relaxed environment and allows fans to watch top quality players compete for free!

      I love the idea of a tournament involving England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales 🙂

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