USA remain top of the women’s World Rankings after the updated list was released today. The recent women’s World Cup in Germany has made an impact on the latest edition of the  FIFA/Coca-Cola women’s World rankings.


Although there have been changes in the points in the top five, there have not been any movers. The women’s World Cup finalists USA remain at the top, still followed by Germany (who were knocked out at the quarter-final stage), then Brazil, the World Cup holders Japan and then (semi-final finishers) Sweden.


England have made a positive move in this edition. Their win over the better-ranked Japan during the women’s World Cup group stage has pushed them up 4 places to sit in the impressive 6th position.


Canada and Korea DPR were also amongst the movers in this latest edition, unfortunately they both dropped places following disappointing women’s World Cup performances. Canada have moved down 2 places and sit in 8th and Korea DPR have moved down 4 places and sit in 12th place, making it the first time ever that Korea DPR have been outside the top 10.


Australia Matilda’s impressive performance at the women’s World Cup has been rewarded with a climb of 2 places to sit in 9th position.


During the women’s World Cup tournament the hosts Germany briefly spent time at the top of the women’s World Rankings based on the teams Group Stage performance. However, after failing to progress from the quarter-finals the order was quickly restored with USA and Japan’s further wins.


In this latest edition of the women’s World rankings, five teeams have made their international comeback after temporary absence. Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Mozambique and Malawi have now re-entered the ranking, this brings the total number of ranked teams up to 129.


FIFA / Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking – Latest Edition 22nd July 2011 

Ranking   Team Pts July 2011 + / –
1   USA 2126 0
2 Germany 2146 0
3   Brazil 2121 0
4   Japan 2101 0
5   Sweden 2085 0
6   England 1997 + 4
7   France 1981 0
8   Canada 1953 – 2
9   Australia 1946 + 2
10   Norway 1940 – 1
11   Italy 1934 + 1
12   Korea DPR 1927 – 4
13   Denmark 1888 0
13   Netherlands 1888 + 1

View the full women’s World Ranking here.

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  1. rogerfinch 10 years ago

    Absolutely disgraceful way to treat such a fine talent.I hope it is not the last time we see her for France ,but i fear it is

  2. Deborah Bakker 11 years ago

    the USA has 2162 points 😉


    I am happy we moved up one spot to #13 next to Denmark(we are still in place 14 but thats okay) I think with all the young women and girls here in the Netherlands playing football atm that we will have a great new generation of talented players coming in the near future.


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