U.S. Women National Team Stars on Equal Pay: To Win that Fight is Bigger than World Cup Victory

Ever since the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team won the world cup, they have had a much-publicized fight demanding pay parity to that of the Men National Team. Most countries across the world pay men better wages than women, but the US World Cup winners had other ideas.

However, USWNT demanding pay equality is one of the rare cases in the history of soccer. If their demands are to be honored, it will open the gate for other women’s teams to demand more pay across the globe. There is no denying that women football is on the rise, but it is still a long way to reach the levels of their male counterparts. Today, on soccer betting at Betway you can bet on women leagues across the globe.

What has been taking place?

The mediating team between USSF and the team’s representatives broke down with the team spokesperson saying, “we eagerly look forward to a jury trial.” The talks happened in New York, but unfortunately, they could not agree on the way forward. Meanwhile, the US Women league is underway, and you can bet with Betway before the season comes to an end.

How the USWNT got here

The battle did not start at the World Cup competition. Instead, the match accelerated the demands. The team has been fighting for equality for a long while. In 2016, 6 senior team members filed a complaint with the U.S. soccer body against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EOCC].

The body did not issue any decision, and the team agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement with the USSF.

Despite the judge dismissing the case on grounds USWNT has pocketed more money than the Men’s Team, the chants for equal payments could continue since the women are not giving up.

Lessons from the USWNT

1. Align with your team

The lawsuit filed by the team has its basis on years of discrimination. After the five team members had filed a complaint in 2016, all the other teammates ganged up to support them as a show of unity. It helped move the fight forward in their fight for justice. There is some safety whenever you provide collective advocacy.

2. Collect data

The team used data to exemplify apparent pay disparities. They illustrated how men had lost more games than women and played more matches hence needed to get compensated more. However, the most common argument is that men’s matches get watched more than women’s, thus creating more revenue; hence the compensation package can never be at parity.

3.Appoint strong leaders

The fight against cohesion has been thriving due to strong leaders’ appointment to maintain cohesion in the team. The captains of the team have been relentlessly pushing for pay parity. Leading bookmakers like Betway have recognized the influence of women soccer by incorporating them on their betting platforms.

4. Look for allies

The USWNT position got strengthened when the men’s team stood up to the USSF and disagreed with the body’s statement that the women team earned more. The men’s team also expressed their displeasure at how the president of the federation data bid to curtail the women’s claims.

There is no clear indication of what will happen next. The judge may have ruled against the USWNT, but with the support the team gets from fans and their men’s team, it is just a matter of time before officials give in to the demands. It will be a massive win for both America and the world. As it stands, though, it is an uphill task.



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