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United Women’s Soccer Releases Official League Logo.

Designed by Stephanie Cleaves of dynamic dZine, the logo is both classic & modern in design

United Women’s Soccer is pleased to release their official league logo. The UWS logo was created by Stephanie Cleaves of the Lancaster Inferno, co-founder of dynamic dZine: a digital marketing company based in Lancaster, PA. UWS previewed their new logo last week at the NSCAA Convention in Baltimore, MD to a strong, positive response.

The logo includes the typography “UWS” where the “W” is represented as a pictorial element. The “W” icon with its high-arching side signifies a female soccer player both moving on a pathway to professionalism and her motion on the pitch itself. The identical “U” and “S” are slightly overlapped by the “W” to represent both “us” as ownership groups united to provide a high standard of women’s soccer but also for U.S. Soccer – the sanctioning body for UWS.

“I was excited to design the logo, because it gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions: soccer and design,” said Cleaves, who goes into more detail about the logo’s design on dynamic dZine’s blog. “I enjoyed the challenge of creating a national logo that projects the professional standards of the new league. The emblem is forward thinking and embodies the strong movement of women’s soccer across the globe.”

More details of the UWS National Pro-Am Women’s Soccer League in 2016.


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