Valencia CF Femenino v FC Barcelona Femenino
Photo: Juan Catalán

Valencia CF Femenino fails to overcome FC Barcelona Femenino.

Valencia CF Femenino 1-4 FC Barcelona Femenino

An effective FC Barcelona Femenino, with three goals in the first half and one in the second, beat Valencia CF 4-1 at the Estadio Antonio Puchades in front of close to 1,200 spectators.

That was the first defeat at home for Valencia CF Femenino in the Spanish Liga Iberdrola after more than two months. The result puts Valencia to sixth in the League.

FC Barcelona took an early lead in the 4th minute through María León:

As the half hour approached, the visitors dominated possession of the ball and put a lot of pressure on Valencia CF. Barcelona doubled their lead in the 34th minute, when Lieke Martens finished a counterattack by Fran Sánchez.

Marta Torrejón increased the goal tally to 3-0 in the 45th, to end the half.

A tough second half lay ahead for the home team whose rival had shown great effectiveness. Natasa Andonova scored a cracking goal direct from a corner-kick to make it 4-0 to Barcelona.

Valencia CF Femenino fails to overcome FC Barcelona Femenino
Photo: Juan Catalán

Marta Peiró managed to put Valencia on the score-sheet in added time to close with 1-4 on Day 21 of the Liga Iberdrola.

Valencia CF Femenino fails to overcome FC Barcelona Femenino
Photo: Juan Catalán


Valencia CF Femenino: J. Vreugdenhil, Van den Berg, Ivana, Sandra (Gio Carreras, m.63), Borini, Mari Paz, Carol (M. Peiró, m.67), M. Carro, Débora, Karpova ( Szymanowski, m.43) and C. Cubedo (Pauleta, m.63)

Bench: Noe, Nicart, Salo, M. Peiró, Szymanowski, Gio Carreras and Pauleta.

Trainer: Jesús Oliva.

FC Barcelona Femenino: Sandra Paños, Melanie, Losada, Torrejón (Unzué, m.82), Alexia, Patri Guijarro, Mapi León (Ruth, min.69), Duggan (Bárbara Lato rre, min.67), Fabiana, Andonova and Martens (Olga García, min.76)

Bench: Ràfols, Ruth, M. Unzué, Olga García, Bárbara, Bussaglia and Aitana.

Coach: Fran Sánchez.

Goals: 0-1, Maria León (min.4); 0-2, Lieke Martens (min.34); 0-3, Marta Torrejón (min.45); 0-4, Natasha Andonova (min.61); 1-4, M. Peiró (min.90).

Referees: principal, Elena Contreras, of the Madrid CTA; assistant 1 Andrada Aloman, from the Madrid CTA; assistant 2 Elisabeth, from the Madrid CTA. Yellow to M. Carro (min.60), to Mari Paz Vilas (min.78) and to Débora (m.89) by Valencia CF Femenino.


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