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Vfl Wolfsburg were The World’s Best Woman’s Club in 2014

Multiple champion Vfl Wolfsburg has again run away from its opposition and defended its title to be voted by the IFFHS as the World’s Best Woman’s Club for 2014. Wolfsburg has completed a sweep of championships in 2013 in winning the Bundesliga, the German Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the IFFHS crown.

Football experts from 60 countries around the World took part in the voting organised by the IFFHS, the third year of its annual elections for women’s football.

Wolfsburg gathered 189 points to win by 116 points and again relegated the 2012 winner and 2013 runner-up Olympique Lyon (73 points) to second place with American club Kansas City (48) claiming third.

The result did not come as a surprise as Wolfsburg dominated each competition it contested with an outstanding team which included the 2014 Goalkeeper of the Year in Almuth Schult and captain Nadine Kessler, who is the 2014 FIFA World Player, the 2014 UEFA Player and the 2014 IFFHS Playmaker.

The victory was even more convincing as the French team Olympique Lyon has been a standout performer in women’s football and has been in the world’s Top five for many years. FC Kansas City, who came third, is the new USA Champion and had a highly successful season which was climaxed by winning the final against the favourite Seattle Reign.

Ranking for 2014:

1 – Vfl Wolfsburg   (Germany)    189 points

2 – Olympique Lyon  (France)   73 points

3 – FC Kansas City  (USA)   48 points

4 – FC Rosengard  (Sweden)  21 points

5 – Seattle Reign   (USA)   20 points

6 – 1FFC Turbine Potsdam  (Germany)  17 points

7 – FC Zurich  (Switzerland)   11 points

8 – Tyresö FF  (Sweden)  9 points

9 – Yunago Belle  (Japan)  3 points

10 – Brescia Calcio Feminnile (Italy)  3 points
Source courtesy of: www.iffhs.de

  1. Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Right. Whoever voted in this election did not even take trouble to watch NWSL games. They simply noted the news of Kansas City winning the final championship. Same story for Yunogo Belle. And it is an insult that Sao Jose, the winner of Copa Libertadores, is nowhere.

    It is my firm belief that this kind of appraisal, or any appraisal, must be either scientific or democratic. If we go by science then we need to set up a clearly defined and quantified criteria. Everything must be decided by numbers, even in the case such numbers tell something disagreeable for human intuition. If we go democratic then everyone, not just “experts,” has right to vote, the way All-Star team of baseball is formed.

  2. Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    But . . . what criteria are applied to say a certain team is better than a certain another?

    More importantly, did whoever cast their votes did so after they saw all clubs in the world????

    • Gina West 7 years ago

      Good question!

      For example, I would have thought Seattle Reign would have been above Kansas as they went the majority of the 2014 season unbeaten… I know they lost the crucial play-off final but on reflection of the whole season, they have to be considered more successful. They were regular season champions weren’t they?
      I see no English clubs made the list 🙁

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