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I briefly mentioned in my intro blog that I am currently representing the Ottawa Fury FC in the W-league. As I know that even my closest family has limited information about the city and the league I thought I would provide a little more information for you.

The W-league is the first and longest-standing women’s soccer league in North America with 25 teams divided in 4 conferences: Central, Northeastern, Southeastern and Western conference. Each team plays 10-12 regular season games before playoffs where the best team from each conference is represented to fight for the W-league trophy. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the winning Ottawa Fury side in 2012, so I can tell you first hand that the trophy looks very good in the hands of Fury players.

The season is short, intense and is an open league allowing for college players playing alongside internationals and still remains their eligibility to play for their colleges.

The Ottawa Fury FC is in the central conference with the following opponents:
Laval Comets
K-W United FC
London Gryphons
Qubec Dynamo ARSQ
Toronto Lady Lynx
(Ottawa Fury FC)

Rumours have it that Laval Comets have made a scoop signing in my former Boston Breakers team-mate and Canadian superstar Rhian Wilkinson, so we know we are bound for some good challenges through this season.

If you would like more information on the w-league and the different conferences you can follow these links: /

Ottawa Fury FC:

In Feb. 2013 Ottawa Fury changed their name to Ottawa Fury FC and has grown to become a solid sports organization located in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario. The Men’s teams is in their first year as professional in the NASL, while the women is going on their 15th season in the W-league. This is a somewhat personal blog so I am not going to write down fact on fact for you guys. If of interest you can follow this link to get the extensive history of the club.

The important thing for me to share is what this club and this city means to me. This is the fourth time I return to Ottawa to play, and I return with good reason. It is however the first time I will complete a full season with the Fury Family. Usually I have had Ottawa as a summer stop while the other leagues I have played in have been on break. I have always been keen on playing games so breaks have not been my favourite and Ottawa has served me exceptionally well for this purpose. I am however very excited about being a part of the program from start to finish this year as it adds on to the experience of being a part of the team, and I can explore this amazing city to a greater extent.

I mentioned that I keep returning to this place with good reason, and let me take you through some of the most important. For as the football is great and you need more than two hands to count the number of international star quality players that have lived and played here, there is another element that makes the experience of Ottawa Fury very special (Only the sisterhood at Adelaide United can be comparable).

The Fury Family!

A lot of professional set-ups can turn out to be a somewhat of a lonely affair being in a situation where you don’t necessarily live close to your team-mates, and if you do they have their own lives to attend to. When your team is about the only network you have, you find that it can be lonely at times. The Ottawa Fury set-up could not be further from a life like that. We are all situated in a housing complex right down town in the capital city, Ottawa. Up until last year it was a set-up the Men’s and Women’s team shared making us one big happy family. Unfortunately the Men have moved in to their own housing arrangements now that they have gone pro. A little bit of the magic is therefore gone and will have to remain in my memories. Still, we are put together with surroundings that allow us to get to know each other’s on a whole new level. If you need someone or something it is just a door away, and the Fury way does not allow for anyone to turn their backs on you when you reach out.
The doors are always open (should probably not write this on a blog) and anyone is welcome anywhere. Even at three o clock at night (right Jill?). Don’t worry Jill, you will learn how to lock your door eventually and find out that a locked bedroom door means that you have earned some alone time.

This whole league set-up is intense and short lived, but you get so much out of it on a personal level. We become a family. In our own selfishness we wish the best upon everyone that is involved in the team and our new family. We are all in the same situation, away from family and friends with the same goal and daily tasks. Working together is key to success and everyday seems to be a part of some kind of team-building. I will get back to the importance of team-building in another blog.
Leaving this place is always a major down so I know that I have to appreciate every minute I have here, and I do, even in the lows of football. 2013 was a little bit of a “down” for me personally as we as the team did not perform as well as we want to here at the Fury FC, but the memories still sit strong, and this year I have returned to make it a “new 2012”. The year when team loyalty was at its strongest and the fun and games were successful as a consequence of that. I don’t know if I can top the 2012 experience, but the bunch of girls and the set-up so far tells me that it is going to be a close call. We got so many fun and talented girls in our group and I am excited to see if we can make a solid team out of it. We are on our way!

I will end this blog post by giving a shout out to everyone I have played with here. You are missed!

To the new ones: Welcome to the Fury Family

Live, Love, Laugh


  1. Asa 7 years ago

    Thank you Lisa-Marie great blog

  2. Gina West 7 years ago

    Another brilliant blog, thank you.
    I personally do not have as much experience and knowledge about the W-League so this is fantastic for me to learn more about the set-up, even better to get an insight from yourself who is experiencing it first hand.
    I think it makes a huge difference to the success of the team if their morale levels are high and their is a united team spirit.
    I hope I can become part of “The Fury Family” from a distance as a supporter following your season’s progress.

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