It was brought to my attention via Twitter @FromaLeftWing, a very shocking article (read full article here).

The article is about the Nigeria women’s national football team, nicknamed the Super Falcons. The football team is governed by the Nigerian Football Association.

The Super Falcons are successful in Africa winning the first 7 African championships and Nigeria have hosted the African women’s championship finals 3 times.


The Super Falcons have qualified for and are heading to the women’s World Cup tournament in Germany this Summer to represent their Country.

So with all these positive women’s football related facts, what does the article report on??

 ‘No more lesbianism in Super Falcons – Coach Uche’

According to the article this is a ‘bad situation’. Statements from Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)’s Chief Media Officer, Ademola Olajire, who few years ago had echoed the ravaging scourge of ‘women sleeping with their fellow women as love birds’, could have laid to rest the veracity of the existence of lesbians among Falcons.

The article later goes on to clearly state that players were dropped from the team because they were lesbians and not because of their football ability “When I was drafted to work with the Falcons last year, I decamped some of the players, not because they were not good players, but because they were lesbians. It did not go down well with some of the players because we made sure that neither the ‘husband’ nor the ‘wife’ made the team,”

Surely this kind of discrimination should not be allowed? What are your views?

  1. Author
    Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Very interesting article, thank you for sharing Gromit

  2. Author
    Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    @Greg, that’s what I thought, yet it seems this article is not being brought to their attention as they could not allow it?


    @Kate completely agree with you, and they have no problem in admitting that is the reason the player’s were dropped from the team.


    @Meg, it is really sad. I wonder if FIFA hear about this they will do something about it?? Football is for everyone regardless and noone should be discriminated against and stopped from being able to play.

  3. Kate Ellem 11 years ago

     This  blatant  discrimination is sad and sickening.  Surely  the  football  ability of a player  should be the prime reason for inclusion in a national team

  4. Greg Downes 11 years ago

    If you read FIFA’s mission statement in relation to women’s football it definitely states, in part, that it will strive to achieve “overcoming social and cultural obstacles for women with the ultimate aim of improving women’s standing in society“. Surely sexual discrimination falls under this banner!!!

    Unfortunately gender discrimination is still prominent in women’s football, and FIFA needs to stand by its many documented statements in relation to the support and development of women’s football worldwide.

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