We need to talk about The Best FIFA Women's Player Award

We need to talk about The Best FIFA Women's Player Award

We need to talk about The Best FIFA Women’s Player Award

No, it is not April 1st. Carli Lloyd just won the The Best FIFA Women’s Player Award for 2016. It was already a huge surprise not to see Ada Hegerberg, UEFA Best Women’s Player in Europe Award for 2015/16, included in the ten original candidates, imagine what was, for us, who follow women’s soccer, to watch Carli Lloyd, who is a great player and that I admire deeply, to win the award over the Bayern Munich player, Melanie Behringer.

As a have wrote in my previous post, 2015 was a great year for US women’s national team and Carli was their biggest name. But what did she achieve in 2016? She was injured for almost six months, US fell to Sweden in the quarters, being eliminated from Olympics and her club was far from to win the NWSL title this season.

“Looking at the data that @SeuEsporteBR tweeted, in 2016, Lloyd scored 7 goals in 11 matches and had 4 assists, already Marta scored 20 goals in 31 matches and provided 12 assists.”
Correction: It has been brought to our attention that the below statistic source may not be accurate. Lloyd achieved 7 matches, 5 goals, 3 assists for Houston Dash and for USA, 21 matches, 17 goals, 11 assists via Houston Dash official website, view source.

This is only comparing her with Marta, the best in history, who by far was not favourite this year and did not have her best season.

Now lets compare her with Behringer: The German midfielder, who was the top scorer of 2016 Rio Olympic Games netting five goals. She also was a key part of FC Bayern München that won the 2015–16 Frauen Bundesliga and won the Gold Medal with Germany at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Now the most absurd thing of the year in women’s soccer: Ada Hegerberg, the 2015/16 UEFA Best Women’s Player in Europe, was champion with Lyon of UEFA Women’s Champions League, French League and French Cup. She was also the top scorer of the UEFA Women’s Champions League scoring 13 goals and the top scorer of the French League netting 33 goals. She was not even nominated in the 10 finalists for Best FIFA Women’s Player in 2016!?

Sincerely, if any player, coach or journalist who voted on this list is reading this text, know that you should be ashamed! Oh really. You do not care about the sport in which you work. And do not try to blame the lack of media and coverage, because if you play or coach in a national team or if you are a journalist, you probably have access to the internet, and my friend, over the internet you could follow women’s football around the world! Because we fans do it!

I lost count of the matches I have watched online this year! How many tournaments did u follow in 2016? Who was the champion of Damallsvenskan this last season? Which player was the top scorer of Frauen Bundesliga? If you don’t know the answer of these questions, you are not studying and following your sport! I am really, really ashamed with how some players, coaches and journalists from countries with history in women’s soccer have voted this year:



It’s really disrespectful to players and coaches, who work hard all year long, not to receive the recognition they deserve from their own colleagues.

I really hope, especially from players and coaches, that they become ambassadors for women’s football, that they start to follow the sport around the world, the major leagues and championships. They do not need to go far to find the information, thanks to women’s football lovers, today we have a lot of information available on the internet, which help spread the word.

So the next round of UWCL is coming and the UEFA Women’s EURO as well, so you must not miss the opportunity to learn more about the sport you love and play!

  1. football-women.com 5 years ago

    I am only a little disappointed that number of goals and matches played is a extremely weak indicator of quality in football. Forwards outstanding teams would earn the rewards of the team behind. Goalies would always be the worst. Defenders had no chance.
    Unfortunately too many people making this fault trigger youngsters probably being less happy developing into defenders.
    We prefer to take into account the skill-set of the players.
    But maybe a more detailed description for what exactly the price is awarded would also help improve analytical approaches

  2. Gina West 5 years ago

    Thank you Izzy – for sharing your views on the award.

    It is very difficult to debate awards as people naturally have favourites, or maybe they feel the award should be presented based on criteria that others would not agree with.

    I think the bottom line is – no one is disputing that Carli Lloyd, or any of the players nominated are not World Class players, they are – and they ALL deserve to be respected and acknowledged for the work they do for our game.

    Personally, I think the focus of this particular award should be ‘what was achieved in 2016’ (I agree with everyone that Hegerberg should have been at least up for nomination) – but looking at the three that were nominated, yes Lloyd’s international goal ratio in total is higher than Behringer’s but if you look at the opponents US and Germany played against in 2016 and the actual importance of their individual performances and the resulting victories achieved, then I think Behringer’s contribution was more worthy of an award for this particular year. Just looking at international alone, her work rate and finishing in front of goal at the Rio 2016 Olympics guided her country to beat some of the best teams in the World and win the Gold Medal!

    In 2015, Carli Lloyd was the driving force behind USA’s World Cup win, her determination alone is awe inspiring and she was the 2015 World Player without question.

  3. Danwen Huang 5 years ago

    FIFA shortlist always miss out on the great talents beyond the usual suspects. If this was up to women’s football pundits the results would certainly be different. Hopefully with Euros coming up we finally see talent such as Kim Little, Vero Bouquete and Karen Carney get nominated at FIFA stage. The fans all know they play well ever tournament but get neglected by FIFA anyway. This year I’m surprised they did not pick Behringer seeing as how she has always done well for her clubs and has derservedly been thrown to the spotlight due to 2016 olympics.

    It almost feel like the voting this time was an afterthought since Carli Llyod is the standout player this year (even from just an US standpoint, it should be Crystal Dunn who should be highlighted for an exceptional performance in 2016).

    • Danwen Huang 5 years ago

      ‘Carli Lloyd isn’t* the standout player this year’ Should really proofread my comments 😛

  4. Tamara 5 years ago

    First to begin with Carli scored her goals in fewer matches than Marta & Behringer that were up for the award. Also to add to your stats, Carli scores 2 goals in 4 matches (2016; Olympics) and the 5 goals in the NWSL were done in just 7 matches. The others including Ada had incredibly more matches since they play club matches, League Championship, UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. Maybe if Ada was included, the conclusion might have been different but we don’t know. I don’t know if the spilt the FIFA award and the Ballon d’Or makes the difference either. Just my HO.

  5. Asa 5 years ago

    @Izzy here is a list of how many Goals Ada Hegerberg has scored in 2016.

    Feminine League and Cup 2016

    UEFA Women’s Champions League 2016
    9 Goals

    Norway Women’s National Team 2016
    12 Goals

    UEFA Women’s Euro’s 2016
    7 Goals

  6. Asa 5 years ago

    @Izzy here is a list of how many Goals Carli Lloyd has scored in 2016.

    National Women’s Soccer League 2016
    5 Goals

    US Women’s National Team 2016
    17 Goals

  7. Asa 5 years ago

    @Izzy here is a list of how many Goals Melanie Behringer has scored in 2016.

    Frauen Bundesliga 2016
    DFB Cup 2016
    German Women’s National Team
    UEFA Women’s Champions League 2016

  8. Asa 5 years ago

    @Izzy here is a list of how many Goals Marta has scored in 2016.
    Damallsvenskan League 2016
    13 Goals

    Svenska League Cup 2016
    4 Goals

    UEFA Women’s Champions League 2016
    5 Goals

    Brazil Women’s National Team 2016
    7 Goals

  9. Author
    Izzy 5 years ago

    Thanks @Asa and @Callie for the comments! Something that American do great are the stats! How it is difficult to find a reliable source with how many goals Marta scored for her club and national team in 2016. We can’t find anything in FIFA, CBF or Rosengard website. If anyone has this information. Please, share with me. 😀

  10. Asa 5 years ago

    Well said Izzy, Thousands of Fans Worldwide can not understand FIFA, The Problem all started when The shortlist for the ten players was compiled by Committee for Women’s Football and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This needs to change.

  11. Callie 5 years ago

    Very well put. As far as I’m concerned the FIFA Ballon d’Or should’ve been wrapped up in a bow and handed to Hegerberg. She’s been unbelievably good the last few years and just a joy to watch.

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