Greetings from Joplin, Missouri ya’ll!

Yes, it is true, I’m actually sitting just a few miles from what’s left of the deadliest tornado to hit the United States in over fifty years.

It’s a grim, grim nightmare down here, as you’ll see below.

However, while I tend to let my emotions get the best of me in times of need, one must also realize…

The show must go on.

Get The Show Clown Out Of The Way

What would a Weekly Wrap be without some sort of rant directed towards magicJack owner/GM/who knows what else; Dan Borislow?

He’s suspended from two WPS matches starting this weekend.

He’s fined 10,000 dollars [he can cut the check to the WPS].

He’s trying to ruin the WPS.

Perhaps it is pure ignorance, perhaps it is a power trip, perhaps it is someone who just didn’t get enough hugs as a child, but Dan Borislow has got to go. The Twitter public has spoken of the same sorts; in order for the WPS to survive they need at least two more expansion teams [in other time zones] and Dan needs to go.

What does it take to get rid of a private entity such as Dan?

I see a win-win working in the favor of the WPS.

Keep up with the fines friends! More you fine him, that’s more income, we all know he’s not going to get the message any time soon and since he’s got the money to throw around, I say stay persistant and charge him to no end [as you can tell my forthcoming logic has not yet found itself back into my brain].

Dear Dan,

Thanks for the donations!


WPS [and they’re fan base]

Gone In A Flash

Like FC Gold Pride and LA Sol, the Western New York Flash have two things in common:

A. Marta

B. Winning

In fact they’re winning so much, that at this pace they will finish undefeated for the regular season and bring in the WPS title for the year. Unfortunately for most fan bases having one team make a clean sweep over everyone year after year after year tends to leave a very nasty taste in the mouth. The WPS may be in more hot water then just Dan boiling over, they need to be careful with team selection. Everyone grows to hate a winner, it’s the nature of the beast.

Unless of course you’re the winner.

Growing Up

Kendall Fletcher takes on the grown up world, takes on the Equalizer [not really], and talks about taking on the sensation of losing a starting role at UNC [look where she is now].

Perhaps Dan can take some notes on growing us [told you I was looking for a rampage on Borislow].

Germany [what’s with all the G’s this week?]

As the weeks…literally weeks wind down for the World Cup, FIFA announced that 70% of the tickets are accounted for and are now releasing tickets for the most popular matches [anything with Germany in it, Germany/USA, etc…] to the public.

Generating Growth [now I’m just being a jerk with the G’s]

Last week was the highlight match of the season to date: Flash vs MagicJack. The real pleasure of this match [aside from Dan being barred two games] was the amount of people that came out to see the game, by Equalizer counts, over 8,000 people. Making it the second largest attended match [first being the first match of WPS existence in 2009]. There wasn’t special deals, or insentives, the people just came. This was quickly after Atlanta posted big numbers as well [with an added insentive of course]. Point being is this.

They will come out, just find the people first.

More of the write up for this can be found over at

Review for WPSL [No G…]

Because of time and far other reasons, I strongly suggest checking out SoccerNation for your up-to-date WPSL information and recaps of the past week. Check them out here!

The Hard Part

As stated in an earlier blog, a horrific tornado ripped up a city down the road from where I live [hence where I’m at now]. To give you a better idea of what’s going on down here I put together a 14 minute video of what people have been waking up to for the past week.

Sorry for the poor speaking abilities, I had quite a bit going on all at once. Yes, it was all shot with my cell phone.



P.S. If you feel the undying urge to become involved with the recovery efforts of Joplin, text ‘redcross’ to 90999, or visit Ozark Red Cross for internet donations!


P.S.S If you’re curious about the relief effort in Joplin, and if I’ll ever hop on the soccer train again full time, look me up over at Twitter: @CoachDaugherty

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  1. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Great Weekly Wrap Shawn, (thought I’d add another G ;))


    I can’t believe how Dan is treating the WPS! Why would you become involved in something and then do your best to go against everything it is trying to achieve? 

    The attendance over the previous weekend was really good, I hope this is something that will continue to grow and it would be great if more teams could join.

    I can’t believe how close we are now to the women’s World Cup!! I’m so pleased at the amount of ticket sales, it is going to be a fantastic tournament.


    Your video showing the reality of what you and everyone in Missouri are waking up to is hard hitting. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you and I wish you prayers and love during this devastating time. 

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