“This too shall pass”

-Sufi Poet-

Perhaps it is an American’s mentality.

Perhaps it is from being around too many old, wrinkled, elderly, weak, tired, injured people.

Perhaps it is just because Dan Borislow is completely psychotic.

Negativity is cancerous [finding the spelling of this word led to images of cancerous moles, the images are still scorched in my head, curse you Google].

There is a trend, between the WPSL and W-League growing in the United States, the creation of the FA WSL in England, the ever-so-entertaining Damallsvenskan League, and the W-League of Australia, that the WPS is dying…plain and simple. The numbers are dropping, the owners are gnashing their teeth, and the Midwest is still empty, where is the mighty Women’s Professional Soccer of the United States?

It’s being just that…


While KitG holds the secrets and entertainment of last weekends matches, Weekly Wrap does have the advantage of sharing insight, quotes, links, and other information in regards to the league behind the scene.

Borislow is just that…slow [bad pun of the article]

Whatever happened to just following instructions of those higher up? I bucked the system once while I was in high school, I redefined graduation events/speakers on the day of our high school graduation. What happened? It went through, I got a standing ovation and the world was perfect, but the school board still held my diploma until I did physical labor for the school after breaking the rules.

Rules are set in place for a reason [though I still wonder about the legality of breaking that one]. Dan Borislow, owner of…
I. magicjack phone service [still don’t understand it, Skype is MUCH better]

II. magicjack SC based in Boca Raton, Florida and Florida Atlantic University

…has been on a tirade against the WPS after getting docked points for NOT FOLLOWING WPS GUIDELINES. Included violations:
1. Field was not correctly sized

2. Media Blackout

3. No team website

4. Making Hope Solo’s tweets disappear [I blame him]

What did the WPS do? Exactly what the WPS said they were going to do, they docked magicjack SC points from the season; and Danny Boy was furious:

First as all good legal issues go, allow us to see the full term of issues with magicJack:
A. All White Kit has those details here [I will not steal thunder from this one]

B. Next, WPS responded two days later with a public press release:

Warning the owner of the magicJack women’s soccer club that it will not tolerate his contractual failures and disparaging statements, Women’s Professional Soccer took action to ensure the team can meet obligations.

The League said today that it will contract directly with vendors for field boards and match video systems so that the team can meet obligations and will bill the team for this action.

The team staged its first three home games without complying with several league rules, including those requiring display of sponsor field boards and submission of match video.  The League said that unless team ownership immediately improves and adheres to League standards, further sanctions will be immediate and swift.

“Women’s Professional Soccer is committed to be the premier women’s soccer league in the world.  WPS has taken, and will continue to take, appropriate measures to protect the integrity and future of the league and our brand,” said CEO Anne-Marie Eileraas.

“When Mr. Borislow purchased an ownership interest in the Washington Freedom, he bought an organization with existing obligations to the league and others.  All owners and teams must comply with the league’s operating guidelines, which represent the commitment of WPS and its owners to a high standard of quality and professionalism.

“WPS has offered the team (re-named magicJack) ample time, options and assistance to ensure that all league standards were met.  To our disappointment, the team has failed to meet these standards, and instead of working with his partners to address those failures, Mr. Borislow has chosen to make public statements that reflect a blatant disregard for the truth and are damaging to the best interests of the league.  In penalizing the team, WPS has not acted without cause or precedent, and has only taken the action necessary to enforce the regulations of the league,” Eileraas said.

“We will not allow any individual to diminish the quality and value of our league.  WPS and its Board of Governors are committed to preserving the integrity of our game, and will take immediate action – including taking over certain functions the team has failed to manage — to protect the best interests of the team, the league, fans, players, and sponsors, and to return the focus where it should be:  on the unparalleled play on the field,” said T. Fitz Johnson, chair of the WPS Board of Governors.

C. On top of this, Borislow has been found lurking around forums, making sure he can get any little attack in possible towards the league, check out his comments found over at sportsmyriad [yes, you might find me inside that forum as well].

D. Finally, Hope Solo, because of her thought provoking, anger envoking tweets that charm us out of our seats on a daily basis, it causes concern that her past tweets have since disappear. Especially when WPS was very clear about not interfering with her private account. Is Borislow trying to cover up something bigger? Does he know that she will find freedom and safety in the arms of the WPS? Did she make an off color comment towards his financial empire?

All humor aside, this much is for certain, Dan Borislow has come into a league, and one way or another has made the assumption that he can run his ship the way he wants to.

What was that old high school basketball motto?

“There is no ‘I’ in team.”

And at this point there is also no Borislow in the future of Women’s Professional Soccer [not vice-versa].

It Finally Happened

Over the past weeks we’ve watched one international star after another go down with World Cup ending injuries. It started with Kate Gills [Linkoping, Matildas] when she nearly destroyed her knee during the final minutes of a Linkoping match, sitting her out of the 2011 Women’s World Cup. Then it happened again this weekend. In the third to final pre-World Cup matchup the US Women’s National Team lost midfielder Lindsay Tarpley to a right ACL tear, and will knock her out of the WPS for some time, but more importantly will take her out of the World Cup. Because of this, all fingers at the moment are pointing towards Kelly O’Hara getting the nod to take the position for the World Cup. Tarpley was one cool cat, and a cool head during a match is something lost that can’t be replaced.

The Beat Goes On (and up)

While Atlanta continues to struggle on the field to put points up, their off field momentum is picking up. From bits of pieces picked up along some digital chatter, a promotion about kids getting in free if they were wearing a uniform [could have been just a jersey] proved to boost some major numbers of attendance for the Beat. A WPS high of 6,125 people were reported for the game [ATL lost], meaning that the Beat lead the league in numbers. Dear other teams of the WPS: learn, lather, rinse, and please repeat.

Extra Minutes:

91st Minute: I love WPS and WPSL, and I enjoy the MLS, but I frequently take flak for living in the soccer desert of the US [also known as the Midwest]. MISL [Major Indoor Soccer League, I don’t make this stuff up] kicked off in 2010, and has brought teams into Kansas City, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska [moving to PASL next season]. It should be announced today that Wichita, Kansas will be introducing the next team into the MISL. The Midwest is indeed as alive and growing as the corn in it.

92nd Minute: Speaking of PASL/MISL. Remember the rants of WPSL/WPS/W-League? Here is the arena equivalent, the MISL is the new league in town, but it is struggling financially [hence losing Omaha], and the PASL is larger. Look for a merger in the future [who knew I’d talk about arena men’s soccer…so werid…]. True story: first professional game I ever saw; the Kansas City Attack of the PASL, back in the day…

93rd Minute: Aside from my random men’s soccer pieces, the roster for the US Women’s National Team was announced last week via ESPN. Jenna Pel at Goal at the New York Times [yes folks, she runs All White Kit, but double dips over at the Times, that’s impressive] breaks down the roster for all of you to enjoy. Hope Solo is there, as it Abby Wambach, and rookie sensation Alex Morgan.

94th Minute: Alongside with Lindsay’s injury [#GetBetterLindsay is running all over Twitter at the moment], and the roster announcement, the national team also competed against Japan this weekend. Thankfully, the team flexed its muscles and didn’t look too bad pulling away a 2-0 win in front of 5,500 people in Columbus, Ohio [it’s Ohio, it’s hard enough to get people to live in the state, let alone enjoy professional sports]. Goals were made by Wambach and A-Rod [could she be finding her stride finally?]. Full write up should be enjoyed by those far more professional and less colorful then myself, read it over at All White Kit.

95th Minute: Fresh off the press [literally three minutes ago], MISL will now be under the umbrella of the USL. What does this have to do with women’s soccer? USL also runs the W-League, the one that doesn’t get along with the WPSL, and also is creating teams like DC United and Vancouver Whitecap’s. Suddenly the Midwest is buzzing. With the W-League a branch rooted to the same USL that runs the MISL now [one of the main teams being in Kansas City], who will be the first to root women’s soccer in the Midwest?


Wonder why I bounce all over the place on thoughts? It’s the music, techno/electronica just fires the synapsis like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll let you in my secret, look me up over at twitter: @CoachDaugherty

  1. gromit 9 years ago

    @Gina – If all Swedish love Dennerby and Lindhal as much as John do, small wonder they didn’t go ;o))

  2. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Wow magicJack really is a mystery…. Poor Hope Solo’s tweets lol – It was interesting to read Dan’s comments on that forum.

    Although there are two sides to every story and I have very limited information on the situation I just hope that Dan makes positive changes to improve the relationship of magicJack and WPS. It’s so simple to communicate with the league and fans/media  – if he is having trouble with his website, I will fix it for him!! Lol. But seriously, I hope he understands and respects that not only is this people’s livelihoods (players) it is also so important to thousands of fans and I just wonder why become apart of something if you are not prepared to fulfil all the requirements?


    I am so sad for Lindsay Tarpley she is a fantastic player and again this is more devastating news before the WWC, we wish her a speedy recovery 🙂 #GetBetterLindsay


    Thanks for another great Weekly Wrap @Shawn 🙂

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