Let me get this out of the way first.


Props to all the folks working the kinks out of that and getting SoccerWay.com to work with WSU, it’s nice to not have to open five different windows just trying to find scores on recent matches throughout the league(s). Yes, those of you who not members, be jealous, sign-up, and get over here because this kind of statistical information can’t be found anywhere else on the net!

A Kick In The What?

When looking upon taking on the concept of a “Weekly Wrap”, this blog certainly has taken on a mind of its own [as well as structure…finally]. As the writer, I enjoy being structured, yet free, free to contemplate, ask ideas, and poke the minds of soccer at the global level. However, due to my unique location [A.K.A nowhere], I do have plenty of access to Women’s Professional Soccer [WPS], and enjoy watching the growth [and cringing at the decline] of the league here at home.

After contemplating the upcoming [now current] WPS season I was driven to a rathe crazed notion: split my time.

Hence the creation of “A Kick In The Grass”. The reference is not just a play on words of rather tongue-n-cheek, but as a historic reminder of this younger writer. While I was U-8, so many years ago, our club motto was “Gower Soccer Club: A Real Kick In The Grass”. I never understood it, but my parents got me the t-shirt anyways. The reason I aim for the title, is two fold:
A. As goes many other things within my writings, it’s hard to be ‘too serious’ [except with World Cup bids]

B. That was the first shirt I remember from my club, and the first time I finally felt like I was part of something. It was the beginning, thus to this new piece will be the beginning of weekly coverage strictly WPS after games are played each week, so stay tuned.

‘D’, Your Amazing Future Teller

As reported quite a while ago, some where, weeks ago lost in my file’s. Reports made about Vancouver Whitecap’s and a hopeful WPS team coming from the home office of the Whitecap’s, then the news of Freedom leaving for Boca, Florida, then Washington announcing that with DC United [MLS] a new USL W-League Washington team is being introduced, and then FC Dallas [MLS] stated that they are looking to build a WPSL team with the backing of the home office…it poses many questions about the future of women’s soccer in the US.

Earlier, Shek Borkowski, coach of FC Indiana stated this via Twitter:

I would not be surprised if within 3 years all MLS teams field womens teams

All I have to say is this…


At this point my conclusion stays the same; that eventually MLS will be supporting a W-MLS program. The question is when, not if. It’s evident that the MLS does see women’s soccer as a potential program worth investing in, but first some sort of structure will be needed to be seen. More then likely, that means that the MLS will make a move in the upcoming years to take over the WPS, and because of financial needs, the WPS will probably fold/be converted into the W-MLS.

Point being is this; follow my bread crumbs, I still think I’m onto something.

Soccer Is Just For Little Kids and Youth

So far in the baseball junkie, football mead head driven world I find myself in at a daily basis now, I hear all sorts of excuses on why soccer just ‘won’t work’ in small town USA in the middle of no where. Many towns hold true to the concept that “Soccer is just for little kids and youth…” For many years I had no way to combat that response (as I am one who loves to partake in such activities of rhetoric), with a good come back.

Well boys and girls and meat heads alike, I finally have your response.

Her name is Ken.

Meet my lovely wife, Ken. Allow me to give you some insane background about this strange, yet lovely woman.

For his birthday two years ago, her father ran a marathon through Death Valley in the summer.

For ‘fun’ she and her family gets together and get involved in 5k runs.

They’re nuts, all of them.

But soccer doesn’t and never has run in the family.

Early last week my wife comes up to me, speaking of playing soccer, training, etc.. [part of this started with myself saying that I entered her as my teammate in a 3v3 tournament in May]. She’s actually interested in this concept of a sport [this is after I dragged her out to a state soccer tournament, toured Livestrong Sporting Park, and had her watch countless WPS/College matches with me through all vices of media], so I took the opportunity [as those who follow me on Twitter know] and went out, got her some cleats [yes, I know, ‘boots’], and dug out my cones and aired up the ball and found a vacant field [literally].

I nearly ran her to death, just playing keep away.

She couldn’t send the ball over the grass, and couldn’t get it more then ten feet in front of her at a time.


In other words; in my eyes it could have been a complete mess.

She comes up to me after a training session; sucking air, skin itching from the grass, and just utters these words…


We’ve been playing every day for a week now [exclude Saturday and Sunday], and Saturday night she’s asking me if I thought eventually she could coach a U-14 team [she’s a teacher for the ages 11-15] if she kept learning.

Today she told me about some great drill she thought up for herself involving a square shape with cones [and it’s actually a great drill].

She sat with me, in front of my laptop, and watched Sky Blue FC take on Philly, and even said, “That was a great first touch…”

She’s fallen in love with the game.

So to those who say, “It’s a kids sport”, or “not in this section of the state”, or even have the nerve to say, “girl’s are cheerleaders, not players”…

Don’t tell that to my former NCAA cheerleader, now growing, addicted, rather tone soccer playing wife.

She might kill you.



P.S. Yes, I know this is short…it’s been a week of limitations. Wanna come find me and talk about it? Check me out 24/7 over on Twitter @CoachDaugherty

  1. Asa 8 years ago

    Thank you Gromit

  2. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Great blog Shawn 🙂


    Thank you for your opening paragraph. It is handy to have the feeds on WSU and you can chat with other members as the results come in! I hope we will be able to continue this service, it does save on the open browser windows lol!


    You are very wise and your predictions are proving right! Will this be a good development for women’s soccer in USA? I know it will be sad if it means that the WPS had to fold, but by becoming the WMLS would that be more beneficial for the women’s game there?


    I love the fact your wife is embracing the sport, and is already coming up with innovative training drills. I look forward to hearing the progress and wish you both lots of luck with the coaching and development with soccer in your area.


    ‘A Kick In The Grass’ sounds like a great article – I do love the name lol. I really appreciate this, because although I try and stay awake to watch the WPS matches I don’t often manage it and last night I did stay awake but I couldn’t get the webcast to work! So, it is great to be able to read about the WPS from a fan who is experiencing the action LIVE, it gives a great insight, thank you again.

  3. Asa 10 years ago

    Great blog Shawn,big thank you

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