This is a true story:

So I am a man of imagination, ideas, and dreams that never really take hold for anything [I get it from my parents]. Because of this I’ve had some brilliant ideas that were best left in my brain. However, today [because it is on topic], I’m going to share one of those ideas with you.


What’s Your Cup?

Last week LiveStrong Sporting Park opened its doors to the world in Kansas City, Kansas. The new 18,000 seat soccer specific stadium sold out [granted it was for a draw with Chicago in the end]. This area of Kansas City also has a new NASCAR track [trust me, though odd, serious revenue], a new outdoor shopping district, a family resort, plus some places to buy things such as furniture. Point being: in this area, that’s a massive area of revenue for Kansas City, Kansas. As you can imagine there are several places to eat in the area, but few if any are actually soccer friendly.

Remember, to those that live across the pond from the US, many of your games air early…and I mean early in the United States. 

Enter “What’s Your Cup?”

This was a eating place designed by yours truly [all in my head]. American’s love their breakfast and I truly mean that to the fullest extent. My idea was to design a place to eat that served a breakfast bistro and cafe while flat screen tv’s throughout the building air only soccer…

…once again…ONLY SOCCER! 

The whole play on words with the title was the idea of what your favorite team was, and it also played with the notion of what kind of coffee was in your cup [I’m also an avid/die-hard/I will die without coffee fan].

The building would be close to LiveStrong Sporting Park and would encourage the coming of soccer fans seven days a week [many technical issues, like money, would still be sorted out].

That was one of my ‘great’ ideas. While it’s quite obvious that something like that would not take place for myself, it did inspire this next little session of thoughts towards Women’s Soccer United and the World Cup.

What’s Your Cup?

Who’s Your Team?

Where Are The Teams From?

While FIFA made life easy for the folks that encourage crunching numbers and such by creating ‘Groups’ to classify each team/country into. However, I think coffee is more important than numbers and I [the only person on earth] tend to think coffee and soccer go hand in hand, therefore please welcome your Coffee Clubs for the 2011 Germany Women’s World Cup:

Africa Kitamu®: Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria 

First, thanks to Starbucks, Kitamu is Swahili for “delicious beyond description”. Any team that comes from Africa into the world cup has to have the mad skill to tantalize so many tastebuds of the joy of the game. As the poorest continent in the world Africa has been a front line for freedom, unlimited abilities, and the rights of all [ever see the movie Invictus?]. This year two teams have come to bless our platter of teams for the World Cup. Tiny Equatorial Guinea and the fascinating country of Nigeria.

The Rookies:

Equatorial Guinea is entering the 2011 Women’s World Cup as their FIRST world cup entrance. In 2008 they shocked the world by winning the African Cup. They don’t enjoy the spotlight, this country of 650,000 people [the team actually trains off an island of the coast of Africa]. As FIFA described this isn’t a team that runs off luck or good fortunes, this is a team that trains hard and works hard for their prize. 

The Star [if just one is there]: Miriam Paixo Silva [GK], it was her 3-1 win over South Africa that caused the world to tremble slightly with the knowledge of of EG.

The Coach: Newcomer to E.G. in March of this year is Marcelo Frigerio, the Italian who coached Sao Paulo is not new to the women’s game, in fact has excelled in it, including his first two victories with E.G. coming from Cameroon [twice]. 

Final Take: Remember David and Goliath? Guess who else is in their ‘FIFA Group’? Yes, Brasil. It only took one stone…it only takes one goal.

The African Stars:

Whether they mean to or not, Nigeria tends to wrap us [those who pay attention to women’s soccer] into their lives. Earlier this year, it was this article that came out about the scandal of sexual relations/wishes within the team and how the head coach declared, “No more lesbianism in Super Falcons”. 

Regardless on your take of that head scratcher, it is indeed true that the Super Falcons [does the US have a nickname? Please don’t say ‘the yanks’] have entered into this years world cup. Nigeria, on both men’s and women’s front are known throughout the past to be the ‘main’ African team in the world cup. ESPECIALLY IN THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP. 

They Did What!: Nigeria has won the African Cup six times out of seven [note above for the seventh]. Like E.G, Nigeria claim for the World Cup came as it qualified by playing in the finals of the CAF [against E.G.]. Note how the only two from Africa to make it into the ‘cup’ had to come in from the championship game [the US is very fortunate this was not their fate as well in CONCACAF].

Final Take: Nigeria in many ways is expected to be at this World Cup, however, it will be up to the team on whether or not they want to take their game to the next level, or continue to underachieve on the global stage.


Overall of Africa Kitamu® Region: Like most things Africa, little is known from the countries. We know that they inhibit a skill that is not seen throughout the rest of the world. North America and Europe for the most part are known for their tactics, Latin America is around for their amazing foot play, and Asia/Australia/New Zealand is known for their…existence. Africa, Africa is all about the passion, the strong delightful taste that leaves you craving more.




P.S. Definitely need to thank Starbucks for letting their stuff be used so easily in the global market [hey, it is free marketing]. Speaking of free marketing, anyone see my rant on Redbull last week via Twitter? If not check it out and many other random stories: @CoachDaugherty


Natural Disaster Nonsense

Complete off-topic-because-my-life-is-entertaining story: Last piece of WW was staged out of the disaster that is Joplin, Missouri. Earlier this year it was the blizzard in Omaha, Nebraska [never been that cold before]. This time I’m actually writing from my childhood Starbucks in St. Joseph, Missouri. Why is this entitled what it is? I’m about 2 miles away from the Missouri River, which is currently getting ready to put on a flooding display that hasn’t been seen since 1993 [lost my entire town in 1993 because of that thing]. Here is to the sandbags holding. Cheers!


  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

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  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Great article @Shawn. 

    I love the coffee shop idea by the way with the screens to watch soccer, sounds like a great location as well.


    This is the best article I have read on the women’s World Cup participating teams, I absolutely love the coffee twist you have put in to it and it is very informative, thank you 🙂


    I wonder if the English team will be a cup of tea??? lol

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