WFC SFK 2000 Sarajevo

WFC SFK 2000 Sarajevo win their 14th Bosnian Women’s Championship title!

WFC SFK 2000 Sarajevo became champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 14th time, earning them a place in the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

SFK 2000 are one of the most successful women’s team in the region (Balkans). In fact… They are the best collective team in the region with 14 title trophies; no men’s or women’s team has been able to match this record.

WFC SFK 2000 Sarajevo

The squad includes 8 Bosnian international players, two for Montenegro and one for Croatia.

Their 14th title win means they will again compete in the prestigious UEFA Women’s Champions League, in which the club has advance to the Round of 16 stage on two occasions.

WFC SFK 2000 Sarajevo

This season’s performance in the Bosnian Women’s League has surpassed all the football clubs earning a 26 point lead over their nearest competitors and a 118 goal difference! (20 games: 123 goals – 2 conceded). The club’s striker Misa Kuc has scored more than 45 times in one season, at the other end their goalkeeper has only conceded twice.

Check out this video of one of Misa Kuc’s impressive goals:


With thanks to Sabrina Buljubasic.
Photos courtesy of Sabrina Buljubasic.


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