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When the dream ends

I have many emotions writing this text now. When Simon came on as a substitute for Heyman I had a bad feeling.

I knew she had been essential in the win over Nigeria scoring a brace. The atmosphere of the stadium in Moncton did not help also, the rain and the lack of emotion in the stands predicted a bad omen, nor did it seem like a knockout stage.

I do not want to take away the merits of the Matildas. Australia came very confident from the “group of death” and in a very tight match scored a goal in a bid of luck and with the help of the Brazilian defensive fails.

Earlier this year I wrote my thoughts on the Brazilian permanent residency program and they were very positive. I even wrote at that time that “I like to see the bright side of things”. But after months of Brazilian permanent residency team it is time to reflect and be critical, since what is being done so far is not working.

Firstly, what upsets me a lot is the position of the coaching staff of Brazil and of the players that the priority would be Rio 2016. As if the World Cup was a tournament least meaningful which they had no obligation to win. As though Canada 2015 would suit as a training period for the main goal, which would be the Olympic gold medal… I may be wrong, but for me it was implied in every interview.

In addition to the negative attitude of the Brazil WNT of treating the World Cup as a training for the Olympics, other things bothered me a lot. Initially, the fact that the national team was not training on turf during the preparation period, only in grass, second, they arrived just days before the competition started in Canada, third, they were training in reduced sized fields mostly during the training preparations and last but not least, the lack of friendly matches during preparation.

So, what is the main point in creating a permanent women’s national team, if they are not playing matches to have a parameter how the team would fare in the World Cup? And do not come to tell me that Algarve Cup served as a preparation!

It would have been better for the career of the players to have let them play in the major leagues around the world such as the NWSL, so they could be successful at club level as well as be playing and training frequently.

It is true that the current Brazilian squad does not have the same qualities as the formerly Brazil WNT who had players like Daniela Alves, Maycon, Andreia Suntaque and counted with Cristiane, Formiga and Marta at height of their careers. But we all expected more of this current squad, since it should be probably the last Women’s World Cup of some players, such as Formiga and who knows Marta.

What makes me sad is to know that likely fate of Brazil will be the same that China had after Sun Wen retirement. It will take many years to emerge another generation of players as Marta, Cristiane, Formiga, Daniela Alves…if it happens!

To finish, the new brazilian head of co-ordination for women’s football, told Canada’s Globe and Mail recently that “Make-up and short shorts improving women’s football”. Something is wrong….is very wrong…And I have no hope for Brazil, I feel sad.

  1. Gina West 8 years ago

    Another brilliant read Izzy.
    I admire your honesty and you have touched upon some valid points. In particular, for me, unless it is USA or Canada playing, there is little atmosphere in the stadiums and up until now, in my opinion none of the knockout stages have ‘felt’ like knockout stages. Something is lacking.

    I completely understand why you are sad and frustrated. I know you had a positive attitude to see how the residency programme would work. Again, I agree with you. Nothing can substitute regular competitive football, and I think players would have been better off competing in leagues and maybe Brazil following USA’s preparation having longer training camps but allowing players to be able to continue to compete in domestic leagues.

    It is very strange that they would use the World Cup as a warm up… If anything, that puts so much pressure on Brazil to win Gold at Rio 2016.

    As for your final paragraph… “make up and short…” There are no words and I don’t have the energy right now haha.

  2. Asa 8 years ago

    Thank you Izzy

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