For me, it began in 2010 when I wanted to see the U17 Women’s Championship. The U20 Women’s Championship had concluded a short time before and my favorite team (Korea Republic) had finished third. I had heard that the U17 Korea Republic had qualified for the U17s. 

Unfortunately, even though ESPN had the rights to broadcast the tournament, they chose not to (this has since been changed as they did broadcast the 2012 edition).

And so, I began to search for links so I could watch. I was fairly successful at it; I was able to find a link to all of the Korea Republic fixtures (save for one).

Anyways, here are some of the links I use preceded with a short explanation as to what fixtures can be usually found there.


These matches are usually broadcast on ESPN. In the US, ESPN has two websites:

The latter is dedicated solely to women’s sports.


Fixtures can be usually be found here:

This site is a location for most of the British sports website. The following links are for the broadcast schedules:

For just about anything else

Sportlemon does not show a schedule in advance so you may have to check quite a bit.

If none of these provide a link to the fixture you want to see, then find out where the match is going to be played and search for the local TV stations to see if they are going to broad cast it.

This is by no means a complete list so it anyone else has other links then please let us know.


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