There are countless articles and comments fuelled with negativity about women’s football. Often written by a author who (if was honest) would admit that they never bother to follow the women’s game. They just scan the surface of any latest women’s football headlines, rather than actually look deeper into the real game and the support network behind it.
Although it is infuriating, you have to laugh! In just one of the many articles the sentence “a ladies’ version of a game played in men’s shorts.” was used to describe women’s football! Really?
I won’t go into too much detail… I do not want to blow their minds with actual facts, however a quick reminder of the popularity of the women’s game before it was banned (in England). And a question about how many of the male counterparts would have the passion to play the game under the same conditions as the women?
What drives this negativity? Is it out of fear that the women’s game will become more popular as more and more people appreciate the sport which has not yet been tainted with the constant need for cheating to win a game?
Finally… It really does not matter what they think because they have no idea what it takes to be a women’s footballer and/or manager. They definitely have no idea what it takes to be a women’s football fan or part of an organisation appreciating and celebrating the women’s game. For that I genuinely feel sorry for them, because if any part of them love football then they are seriously missing out!
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  1. gromit 7 years ago

    First opportuniti spolit by ELS 7′

  2. Skip Newhall 8 years ago

    Short answer: It’s biology and genes, pure and simple. Men are simply bigger and stronger than women and excel at anything where speed and strength are assets.


    Long answer: Until recent times, women were defined to be second-class citizens in just about every aspect of life [and regrettably still are, in a few outdated cultures]. Football was no exception. But around the mid-20th century everything started to change. More girls and women were introduced to football in schools and colleges; there was an enormous change in the acceptance and respect for women in major-league sports, especially football; and most influential of all were the phenomenal growth of international television and the rise of the Internet. The world became a single global village. Women were on the international scene, big time, and getting better and better.


    Football is said to be the most popular game in the world. Its popularity is certainly skyrocketing in the US, one of the last large holdouts.  So, is the game still the province of men? For the exciting extremes, yes. Look the incredible 100-yard goal by goalkeeper Tim Howard last year:


    [This may take a few seconds to download]


    We will NEVER see anything like that in a women’s match. They simply aren’t strong enough. But the 2011 Women’s World-Cup final [Japan vs US] had twice the TV audience of the Men’s final in 2010. It was the largest football TV audience ever, and set the current record of 7196 tweets per second, compared to a pallid 3286 tweets per second for the 2010 Cup Men’s final.


    It looks like the gals are here to stay. I’ll drink to that!



  3. Lutendo Morris 8 years ago

    And after Canada 2015 we will be talking about total domination,because a lot of people are starting to love and understand the beautiful game.

  4. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    It seems so @Asa – I wonder why they bother writing about women’s football at all when they have no interest and knowledge of it?

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