I have found it very interesting reading the reactions of Marta’s recent press conference with Tyresö FF announcing her move back to Sweden.


Mostly negative (of course) but not constructive in my opinion. Some that stand out include issues surrounding her new shirt number (100), the fact she became emotional as she addressed the press and rumours surrounding the fee Tyresö FF paid for the Brazilian forward.


This made me want to write to put another perspective on this story to address these issues that seemed to have upset a lot of people for some reason. 


So firstly the shirt number 100, not very uncommon in this modern day of football, Tasha Kai wore the number 00 for Philadelphia Independence, Veronica Boquette will reportedly wear number 40. The point is its not really an issue, makes no positive/negative impact on the game.


Marta’s emotional press conference, yes the fact that Marta shed some tears whilst she spoke has been interpretated in a negative way?


This one I’m struggling with, do they think it is false? But for what reason would Marta need to do that. Could she possibly be passionate about the sport she loves and has played most of her life. Could the fact she is heading back to the country she played before and made so many friends actually mean something to her?


Then there is the other main issue surrounding the breaking news story, the fee. Officially (at this moment in time) it is an undisclosed fee so the strong negative reactions are fuelled from rumours.


But lets actually say she has signed for a large sum of money $1, million dollars for example (a figure that doesn’t even come close to that of her male counterparts). Why is she being ‘hated’ for it? People taunting her reported comment “If i went for the money, I wouldn’t be in Sweden now”.


Rather than looking at this negatively, why not recognise what an amazing achievement it is for this woman to have secured such rewards from what we all know is a tough sport for women to make a living out of.

I hear so many comments that women can not earn enough compared to men so when a female footballer actually does make some life changing money why is she looked at negatively?

What an inspiration to girls and women around the world at what they can achieve.What an asset to the game to have a player that causes so much debate and media coverage. What a talent on the football pitch. (Before all the comments come in about ‘diving’ and moaning to the ref, again she is not the only one who can be accused of this).


I’m pretty sure the majority love to hate her and would genuinely miss her if she was not involved in the women’s game. I just hope further reports are constructive and concentrate on what she does on the football pitch.


I want to wish Marta good luck playing in Europe and hope she has a successful, enjoyable career.




  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thanks for the info @sebastian

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    @Izzy – maybe the set-up and colours are right, but i highly doubt that tyresö wouldn’t have put any sponsor-brands on the shirt/trousers. since the marta signing just went through, and the adidas deal is relatively new, this could just be some training outfit. i will not swear on this, but i believe that the tyresö team will look like daytona cars before the league begins.

  3. Izzy 9 years ago

    is this the new shirt?

    well, I am sad that they will not play CL sooner… but we have olympic games this year… at least Marta will play a lot in 2012.

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