I am sad and angry.


In the last update I had positive news and such but now it’s not positive. Not at all. Not even close to positive. Guess why? Another club will fold their women’s department after this season. People are actually working hard to get this league going for next season but with all the clubs folding their women’s department it’s tough.


So on Thursday I read the news that SC Heerenveen will quit after this season. The club say it’s because of financial reasons but I have my doubts about this. And not only with this club also with AZ and Willem II. And I am not the only one who thinks it’s rubbish that it is all about money. Daphne Koster, captain of the Dutch National team also thinks it more than that. She wrote a blog about this on a  Dutch newspaper site online today. In the blog she writes about the money issue and such. And I think she is completely right. So for next season we are back to 5 teams, FC Twente, ADO Den Haag, FC Utrecht, VVV Venlo and FC Zwolle.


I think here in the Netherlands female players are playing football because it’s fun, not just for the money what they get, that’s just nice.And not only here but also across the world. So if there is a opportunity to play on a semi-pro or pro level it’s awesome and for younger players it’s a dream to play in the highest league. But if they all quit because they can’t afford it, it’s just sad. Sad that they pay so much money for the men’s team but can’t afford a women’s team. That’s just weird. What if female players would get millions a year, and the highest men’s league needs to quit? See there, that will never happen because we are not men. The football world is too much focused on money and men’s team. The clubs sometimes forget it’s a game. We play football because we love the it.


Remember it’s just a game.

  1. gromit 9 years ago

    Thanks for “Cookie””s blog link. Nice girl, so enthusiastic and humble. Accustomed to US’s luxury, she doesn’t snub her NT’s conditions, even if it’s not easy to cope with it. She is obviously clever enough to understand her mother’s country poor state. And we can feel, reading her blog, her only passion is : play ! And her pride of playing for Philipines. Great !

  2. Author
    Deborah Bakker 11 years ago

    I really have no idea but I have no faith in it.

  3. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Thank you for the update Deborah, shame the news is not positive news! It is really sad to hear of more teams folding, does it still look like there will be more teams joining the league in the near future?

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