So what’s going on with the Vrouwen Eredivie in the Netherlands? Will the league continue or not? It’s still insecure but there is definitely something going on. So here are a few noteworthy things to say.

So first of all I was pleased to see that the Eredivisie got some TV coverage. First there was a small (well actually big, 10 minutes) segment of the league and women’s soccer in the Netherlands on the ‘’NOS Journaal’’(Sport news). They talked with a few people, like former national team coach Vera Pauw and more. It’s interesting to hear what they have to say about this issue. But that was not all the coverage Women’s football got. On ‘’Koffietijd’’ , a morning talk show, there was also an interesting segment with a few younger players of the KNVB talents team. Here they talked about what the league needs, what the problems are. And after that they started a petition. As of now 706 people signed this. Including me.

So it’s good to see that there is some attention to the league on TV but again it’s not very positive news.


Not only players are sad but also fans. A video popped up on youtube where you can see a few finest moments of AZ. And the video title says it all ”Red de AZ vrouwen!(Save the AZ women!)


This past Sunday not only the Women’s National team won against Scotland with 6-2 in Volendam, there were also a few meetings around this game. FC Volendam and a local amateur club talked with the KNVB about joining the league with a women’s team. No further news on that yet.


And to make this issue more interesting, the local authority in Utrecht is talking with the club to see if they can convince them to stay. The local authority thinks it’s good for emancipation of women playing soccer. Not only in Utrecht but also in the region. And I think they are completely right. So why quit now when there is a bright future?


One word: MONEY!


To be continued.



  1. gromit 9 years ago

    Japanese friends who are awake now, I remind you at your duty… and all Homare Sawa’s admirers too !

  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    That’s good news, thank you for the update :):)

  3. Author
    Deborah Bakker 11 years ago

    good news, Fc Utrecht will probably stay in the league. The KNVB only needs to accept their concept with plans for next season.

  4. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Yeah it sounds promising that the clubs are working together to help save the league, i hope it has a happy ending too

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