After AZ and Willem II, FC Utrecht is also leaving the Eredivisie next season. Currently there are 8 teams playing in the highest women league in the Netherlands. But next year there are only 5 teams continue to play in this league. All teams and the KNVB had a meeting a few weeks ago about the league. They talked about how they can make the league more interesting to people/families. They made some agreements, like playing on friday instead of thursday, a free market for players and a new financial agreement.


And the last agreement is fatal for all 3 teams. Financial reasons is why they’re leaving after this season. Sad thing actually, knowing that women’s soccer is getting bigger and bigger in the Netherlands. In 2009 it was the fastest growing sport in the whole country! With that begin said the national team is also on a good run of games with good players playing in different countries, playing in the final of the Cyprus cup and getting in the semi final of Euro 2009.


So will there be a league to make women’s soccer better in the Netherlands? And will the Dutch Eredivisie still be there next season? That’s the big question at the moment. Just like this season the KNVB wants 8 teams in the league so that means 3 new teams need to sign for next season. It’s a tough call if I might say so. There were rumours going on that PSV was setting up a women’s team, but they need more time. So they will not play next season. And where can you find 3 good teams who can compete with the best teams in the country?


Will the Women Eredivisie survive? I hope so.


To be continued!

  1. A-Hamm 9 years ago

    I don’t think it means much. Any of the top teams can win on any day. Japan, USA, France, Brazil, GBR, Canada, Sweden all have a shot.

  2. Author
    Deborah Bakker 11 years ago

    So if I understand it correct you are asking if every team is connected with the Eredivisie teams? if so, no 7 teams are Eredivisie and 1 team, Fc Zwolle is Jupiler league. But that’s also on a professional level but lower than the Eredivisie.

  3. cory martin 11 years ago

    I’mnot too familiar with the women’s Eredivisie. I know of it, but not about it. Are there any W.E. teams that are actually connected with LOWER division men’s teams? Or are the brother teams all Eredivisie?

  4. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Brilliant blog, thank you Deborah 🙂


    I really hope that the women Eredivisie survives! Seems that financial issues are common in women’s football teams not surviving. Its a shame that PSV can not set up a team in time for next season. I will look out for the next Eredivisie update.

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