More and more women are betting on sports

The number of female bettors is increasingly rising and apparently, women are generally better at placing bets than their counterparts. So, if you are a woman interested in entering the world of betting, there seems to be no reason to hold back.

Betting has become more popular during the last ten years. Maybe even more so during the pandemic as we all had to find platforms for entertainment within our homes. While being entertained by sports we have turned it into even more entertainment by betting on the matches. The betting experienced much more support during the pandemic. Not only from men but from women as well. The focus on gender and equality has been more present in sport in recent years. This equality focus is visible when it comes to betting as women bettors are on the rise. So, why not combine an interest in women’s soccer with betting? You can bet on active tournaments like the group qualifications for Euro 2022.

A good entry

If you feel like giving your luck a try, you should make sure to get the best entry possible. It is important to get off to a good start if you are a total beginner. And you should try to find a thorough guide on how to bet and how to find the best sportsbook. You should also be on the lookout for promo codes, bonuses and great welcome offers. This is a great way to get started betting as you will be able to save some money. And if you get something wrong or lose your first bets it won’t be as annoying as if it was out of your pocket. Read more about it on

Women bettors on the rise

A report made by HPL Digital Sport has concluded that more and more women find pleasure in betting. The report pointed to a percentage of 28% of female bettors in 2020 and the amount has only increased since then. Data from 2021 show that women now take up 33% of the betting activity. Which is quite much compared to five years ago or so. For quite a while the focus on equality in sports has been increased.

Superior to male bettors

The study does not only show that women are betting more and more, but it also states that women are more successful in betting than their male counterparts. There is a bigger success rate for female bettors where men are more likely to lose some of their investments. This was obvious in how many percentages of both male and female bettors were returned. A study on a sports betting platform in New Jersey showed that men faced a loss on 4,6% of their investment, where women got a return of 19,79% on their investments. Women seem to be better at placing bets than male bettors. So, there is no excuse not to try your luck with betting.

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